Among the consequences of the Covid-19 emergency, there is also the one related to IT budget management: liquidity is limited and also for this Dell Technologies proposes its “manifesto” to help companies follow up investments in innovation.

These are five operational suggestions, in a scenario where digital has become an even more crucial asset to allow business continuity and productivity and where people, companies and governments have turned to technology to work and continue offering high quality service to their customers.

First of all Dell suggests that you bet on the Use technology, looking for ways to pay for IT services only when using them, using a subscription or consumption-based model. This option is available for a wide range of IT solutions, including client devices and basic infrastructure.

It is also important to anticipate the evolution, making choices that take into account the future, in particular for technological updating needs.

Do not centralize the public cloud As far as the cloud strategy is concerned, Dell recommends avoiding having a single public cloud provider; it is much more functional to manage costs, risks and data, dividing IT operations across multiple public and private clouds.

Efficient costs. Examine options and seek smart financial solutions that offer zero or low interest and/or delayed payments. Another solution is to combine all costs into a single payment plan, which could make it easier to respect the budget set out at the start.

And finally, Dell remembers the possibility of leverage on leasing. Prefer an option to use the leased equipment, whether new or renovated. The rental of renovated equipment can also help the company achieve its sustainability goals.

Carlo Sarboraria, Regional Sales Director Italia & Switzerland DFS Dell Technologies, pointed out that we are entering a historic period when digital will become increasingly pervasive and integrated into the lives of people and the business of any company. In this context, very often, using the right technology can present a number of obstacles, both from the point of view of the choice of solutions and the methods of financing. With this brief manifesto, the Italian manager concludes, the American company wants to give companies the opportunity to orient themselves to carry on the indispensable investments in innovation in the maximum financial sustainability, aware of the current market conditions and the post-Covid-19 cash flows.

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