At the Gaia-X Summit, Dedagroup announced its accession as Day 1 Member to the European initiative dedicated to the creation of a European-based federated data infrastructure.

Dedagroup, read in a note of the Italian group that operates in 58 countries, Â has recognized in GAIA-X the economic and social value it pursues, marrying the last objectives in the conviction that it will

Gaia-X, says the note, is a new generation infrastructure for the creation of secure and sovereign Data Space, in line with the European Data Strategy.

The result of the joint effort of European IT pioneers to support their partners and customers in growth on the international market is an ecosystem based on European values and rules, so that users and states can grow and compete safely on a global scale.

For Dedagroup Gaia-X is a game changer for data companies: a secure, federated and decentralised system that aims to meet the highest standards of digital sovereignty while promoting innovation.

Dedagroup, which through digital transformation accompanies the world of business, finance and public administration towards new business models and service based on Software as a Service, has joined with the aim of transferring to all customers the value of the activity that its resources more es

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