Datwyler IT Infra has activated a new portal to complete its service level agreement for users of Micro and Mini Data Center, through which it is possible to manage both preventive and reactive maintenance requests. It is a service platform that can be used by both the Datwyler Help Desk and its customers and partners.

The latest generation of Datwyler’s Micro and Mini Data Center (MDC) is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system for the operating status of all installed components, a system that, together with the new platform, is a new end-to service concept.

The MDC monitoring system sends automatic messages to Datwyler’s Help Desk. After the initial evaluation of the ticket, the person can connect to the MDC monitoring server via the remote management system to perform a detailed fault analysis and, for example, to modify the parameters set.

If it proves impossible to fix the problem remotely, the technician can resort to an Augmented Reality solution: using a person’s smartphone camera on site, the Datwyler officer can examine the IT infrastructure of the system of the 3D markers, such as arrows, can be placed on real objects in the smartphone image with an app, as well as the areas concerned can be circled with a finger directly on the display.

If a component is to be repaired or replaced, the ticket is assigned to a Datwyler certified partner for the programming of the relevant intervention. All documentation related to the Micro or Mini Data Center installed is made available to the partner via the portal. Therefore, they can manage malfunction or maintenance in accordance with Datwyler’s standardised procedures. The feedback will in turn be provided through the same service platform.

MDC users are also granted access to the platform. Here they can generate messages, check the status of their tickets and see any changes.

The company’s end-to-end service concept includes, of course, the possibility to contact the Help Desk by phone and email. The service can also be guaranteed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, upon request during the signing of the assistance contract.

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