A single panel to manage primary, secondary and cloud storage, storage and backup. A dream for any IT manager who is struggling with the optimization of critical data, which DataCore Software has intended to translate into reality with a unified storage platform.

It did so with DataCore One, a vision system of the entire storage infrastructure, designed to accelerate the adoption of software-defined storage in enterprise data centers, cloud and edge, centralizing command and

As DataCore CEO Dave Zabrowski said, there is no competitor covering the entire storage management spectrum as we do.

With this Zabrowski, a man of Silicon Valley, to his fourth experience as Ceo and previously also general manager of Hp where he was responsible for the business unit server enterprise, storage and pc, meant that the proposal Data

It does so regardless of their composition, and manages them, now also in a predictive sense, which is what is most important today an IT manager who is struggling with the balancing of activities on critical data, the retention of critical data, the transformation of data into business information.

The focus of DataCore One vision is therefore the new cloud-based predictive analysis engine, the DataCore Insight Services (DIS), which provides detailed information from a total view of infrastructure-level storage.

The SaaS control plan is based on telemetry and collective learning inspired by the experience of thousands of customers around the world to identify problems in the early stages, offer recommendations on best practices and plan capacity.

DataCore in Italy

Country manager for our country is Remi Bargoing, who leads a staff of four people who deal with sales and marketing. The company has over 500 customers, among medium large companies, bodies and organizations, 130 total partners, of which 76 fully active, 3 distributors and has trained and certified in the territory over 250 people. This number will grow in the coming months, as Bargoing’s strategy is to make the knowledge of DataCore technology even more widespread.

In DIS the union of machine learning and artificial intelligence identifies anomalies in progress or predicts their occurrence in the data storage infrastructure, and the integrated engine indicates the most appropriate corrective actions.

The steps are automated and can be performed remotely via the web or implemented on premise behind the firewall, if imposed by security policies.

The resulting value results in lower downtime, faster responses, greater efficiency and substantial cost savings. Those using containers, virtual machines and host bars can benefit from virtual storage pools that automatically place hot, warm and cold data in the most suitable storage category.

The appliance season begins

A complement to DataCore One comes various components, including a flexible hyperconverging appliance (HCI), a subscription licensing system, a cloud-based analysis service.

The new DataCore HCI-Flex family of appliances was developed by DataCore in nine months.

Zabrowski defined the…datacenter easy button, to underline the immediacy of use: plug and play installation, one-hour display, ability to add capacity independently, connection

L’appliance combines hyperconverging systems technology with software-defined storage flexibility. You can choose between different 1U and 2U configurations with pre-installed VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.

All data services provided by the software defined storage DataCore are included: smart caching, thin provisioning, dynamic auto-tiering and acceleration Parallel I/O,.

Once installed, the HCI-Flex appliance can organize in pools and manage not only internal storage, but also external storage systems, regardless of the manufacturer or underlying technology.

Lupin-ceo With the appointment of Dave Zabrovski the former CEO and founder, George Teixeira has acquired the role of executive president, to work on strategic initiatives for DataCore. These include bringing the company to a new level of growth, offering software solutions that allow real-time data use and allow IT departments to improve economic aspects, availability and reactivity of systems.

L.A.C.I.Flex also allows you to scale computing and storage capacity independently.

In remote offices and branches or in edge situations, a pair of HCI-Flex systems in synchronous mirroring ensures availability without the complexity and cost of three-knot clusters, and can also add a third asynchronous replica to a central site on

Renewed, protected and subscription software

In addition to a complete revision of the user interface, the latest software version of DataCore includes automation features to control and control the entire set of data services through a bird-fly view using intuitive workflow for provisioning

It programs with a REST API library, mebtre an inactive data encryption technology introduces advanced security on the pools of various storage arrays, using military-level 256-bit XTS-AES encryption algorithms that can be

DataCore introduces a new subscription-based licensing model, designed for organizations that want to reduce Capex: now you can choose between perpetual licenses or subscriptions.

Both proposals include support and software updates.

All licenses are based on capacity, with a cost per TB and regardless of the number of nodes used.

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