To provide a clear vision of the evolution of data centers and to be able to adopt correct solutions at the design and management level, the heads 01net, Environment & Safety, L’Implantazione Elettrica, RCI and Safety, published by the New Technicians

The format, completely renewed, provides, in addition to the virtual conference to be held Wednesday, October 21, 2020, the creation of a permanent online platform dedicated to all professionals interested in deepening the following topics:

IT solutions, networks, software and cybersecurity;

electrical installations, power management, UPS, wiring;

close control cooling systems;

security, intrusion and fire.

The initiative is dedicated to safety, sustainability, energy efficiency (and therefore economic) determined by the plants, the integration of systems, the adoption of innovative technologies and efficient management.

A qualified group of professionals will be invited to participate in the digital event, which will consist of a plenary session and technical in-depth interventions.

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What data centers are and why it is important to know them for your business

The data center is in the present and future of companies because the demand for increasing computing power and the need to optimize workloads no longer allow to rely on traditional systems.

Today, companies need to maintain their business continuity, protect business data, ensure security and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. This translates into more workloads for IT departments, which are difficult to manage.

To cope with this scenario, a data center is needed to provide dynamic services for operational needs: availability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the cloud are the winning factors.

From the point of view of the structure, data centers are in a historical moment of modernization: that the imposing and monolithic structures of the past (legacy) leave the pace to modularity and to the increasing management of availability.

Virtualization is helping to fuel this trend, proposing new generation applications and architectures based on microservices and containers.

Data centers are being created defined by the software, with modular infrastructures, able to adapt flexibly to the changing needs of the workloads, with a configuration capable of responding to the need for new services in the very short time dictated by the digitalization of the business.

To deepen the themes, participate in the Data Center Innovation Day 2020 Digital Edition.


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