Google has announced the availability, for now in preview version, of a new public dataset for Google Trends: for the first time the company of Mountain View brings data of Google’s Property Search in Google

For over a decade, said Big G, Google Trends provided a sample of Google Search data. With a privacy-first approach, data is rendered anonymous, indexed, normalized and aggregated before publication.

Access to Google Trends data has been restricted to Google Trends website and requires manual processing to export and obtain additional insights.

Now, Google announced, the company is simplifying access to this dataset by bringing out data and allowing direct interaction with BigQuery in a secure and confidential way.

This BigQuery dataset, which will soon be available also in Analytics Hub, allows users to measure interest in a particular topic or term of search through Google Search. For now, from all the United States to the city level.

A marketer, manager or operations manager can now easily ask questions about what people are looking for, for their data analytics activities. The terms that appear in these sets of data may be an indicator of what it is worth paying attention to, for marketing, sales, product design or other activities.

Google has stated that sharing this data is done safely, confidentially and securely. In this initial preview, it will provide through Google Cloud Datasets popular trend terms.

The dataset displays Top 25 stories and Top 25 Rising queries for the United States in a BigQuery dataset, available for access from Google Cloud Marketplace.

Outside of the BigQuery user interface, Google has announced, it is also possible to interact with this data set from familiar business intelligence tools such as Looker, Data Studio or with ecosystem solutions of third-party partners.

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