Huawei presented the Smart Classroom solution, based on IdeaHub Board and the cloud platform created specifically for the education world to take advantage of the Dad, the distance learning.

The managers and teachers of numerous schools and institutions are giving priority to the same long-term challenges as the lack of interactive teaching methods, unbalanced allocation of resources and inefficiency in management due to the spatial distribution of schools.

Xu Jun, Vice President of Global Government Business Unit, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, highlighted how Huawei’s Smart Classroom solution focuses on students by combining online and offline teaching methods to meet their needs.

The solution uses the large screen of IdeaHub Board as a portal and uses intelligent terminals (such as tablets) and various teaching applications to share high quality educational resources through the Cloud platform.

For remote teaching, the Smart Classroom solution offers online learning, live streaming and recording functions. In addition, the group discussion function allows teachers and students to share content and interact with each other, generating more enthusiasm in students and encouraging them to participate actively, while improving teaching experience and its efficiency.

Fundamental for the proper functioning of the…Smart Classroom solution dedicated to teaching and learning, Huawei also presented the collaboration device IdeaHub Board which, equipped with a soft-light screen, projection system

In a time like the present one when education has become digital, the range of screens is very wide, however, some models have a blue light with short wavelength that is particularly harmful to young people and users in the long term.

Huawei IdeaHub Board has obtained German TÜV certification, blocking 60% of the harmful blue light emitted by light sources and reducing the yellow dominant. This innovative product also uses the automatic color correction algorithm of image quality and anti-reflective technology, offering a 70% higher color uniformity than industry standard and high flexibility in all lighting conditions.

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