A fresh study by Comparitech examined the state of 60 countries in cybersecurity and found huge differences in a number of categories, dFrom malware rates to cybersecurity legislation.

Comparitech has understood which countries have the worst (or better if you look at it from the opposite side) cybersecurity.

Comparitech is an English consumer organisation that provides information, tools and comparative on technology services. Founded in 2015, today it has a team of 30 people among authors, researchers, developers and editors.

A first conclusion to which the Comparitech team comes on cybersecurity, is that no country can be proclaimed \”first of the class” across the board. All countries analysed have room for significant improvements in their computer security, in one area or another.

However, there are several levels in different areas, which have allowed you to draw up a total ranking, a definitive ranking. With so much information that is available online, including the most personal data, cybersecurity should always be considered of the utmost importance.

The most attentive to cybersecurity

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The study revealed that Japan is the safest country in the world, in the field of cybersecurity. This country has achieved very low scores in most categories (a low score corresponds to greater security). Japan only scored slightly higher in the categories of cyber attack preparedness and legislative.

The top ten of the best performance in cybersecurity is completed by France, Canada, Denmark, the United States, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. And Italy?

Our country is fortunately not in the slums of the ranking, but not even among the first in the class. In the ranking of the 60 countries, Italy occupies position 36, between Argentina (better than us) and Malaysia.

The result of Italy is not to be considered very flattering. In the positions below our ranking of Comparitech, in the matter of cybersecurity, there are few European countries. Considering that in the world’s GDP ranking, several indices place Italy within (or just outside) the top ten, the performance in cybersecurity is certainly discouraging.

It is always worth saying that this is a ranking made by a single reality. And yet investments in cybersecurity are becoming increasingly important in our country.

Performance in different categories

The performance of the countries is not homogeneous in all the categories examined by Comparitech. Some countries have achieved good results in one category, but others have received scores that have compromised the average.

For example, Comparitech cites Ukraine, which has recorded the lowest rate of financial malware. And Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and Algeria, which got the lowest score of telnet attacks. Although Algeria has ranked first in the ranking, from the worst to the best overall performance.

Comparitech also reports the data exploded between the various areas. The lowest percentage of malware infections of mobile devices was recorded in Japan, with 1.3% of users. The lowest number of financial malware attacks is, as mentioned, in Ukraine, with 0.3% of users.

The lowest percentage of malware computer infections is for the benefit of Denmark: 5.9% of users. As mentioned above, the lowest percentage of telnet attacks (by country of origin): Algeria, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka, with 0.01%.

The lowest percentage of attacks by cryptominer is in Denmark: 0.61% of users. The country best prepared for cyber attacks is Singapore, with a score of 0.925.

The category of the most up-to-date legislation for cybersecurity sees four winners: France, China, Russia and Germany.

On the Comparitech blog, at this link, you can consult all the results as well as details of the methodology used.

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