The number and impact of cyberattacks affecting organizations is constantly growing, Kaspersky Lab points out. In view of this view, Kaspersky Lab’s latest research has assessed the views of various organisations, European and Italian, on cybersecurity.

Kaspersky Lab’s research showed that, for a decision maker in It out of 5 (21%), the number of cyberattacks targeted at companies has increased in the last 12 months compared to the previous year.

In Italy this percentage is 15%.

More than half of the respondents think that cybercriminals can easily carry out malicious actions without leaving any clue. It is 57% in general, 56.3% for our country, with peaks reaching 65% in the UK and 64% in France.

The organizations, Kaspersky Lab points out, are faced with the need to anticipate the moves of the attackers. And to limit the possible attack surface, a task sometimes difficult to manage for some of the decision makers in the It (Itdm) field asked.

20% of the Itdm involved in the survey at European level admit that they were unable to find out how the most recent cyberattacks could be tested. This figure in Italy rises to 23.6%: indicators that suggest how much professionals in the sector need to reconsider their defence strategies.

Most of the respondents involved in the survey (68% for Europe and 62.7% for Italy) agree that attackers are discovered and tried before a court of justice only in rare cases. Despite this, an even higher percentage (79% at European level and 73% at Italian level) says that, in case your organization is hit, you would like to know the identity of the person responsible for a possible cyberattack.

More and more ingenious tactics for cyberattacks

Itdm have an awareness of the increasingly ingenious tactics put in place by the authors of the threats to avoid any kind of detection. It is therefore not surprising to know that the majority of decision makers in It of the organisations involved (71% for Europe and 66.7% for Italy) agree that the allocation of cyberattacks is a very complex task. And that attackers can only be discovered by the best investigators, Kaspersky Lab’s analysis continues.

There is another indicator, Kaspersky Lab points out, which provides an idea of the trust that people place in their cybersecurity solutions provider.

Various Itdm involved in the survey said that their organization would prefer to turn to its Security Provider at first instance rather than to law enforcement.

For Europe, the comparison is 51% against 36%. The trust that companies place in their cybersecurity provider is also confirmed by a previous Kaspersky Lab search. In that case, 86% of the organisations involved had also stated that they trusted their supplier with regard to the ethics of data collection and use.

Kaspersky Lab’s comment

• Organisations show that they understand the complexity of cyberattack investigations and state that, in case of an attack, they would prefer to address their security provider first. This is further evidence that the steps that the entire cybersecurity sector is taking towards transparency and accountability are going in the right direction.

In this area, however, a global framework for trust and integrity is still to be created, a framework that can be common to all. We firmly believe that the full potential of the EU’s economy today can only be achieved through cooperation and trust between the various cybersecurity players and governments.

It is only by cooperating with each other that governments and companies can effectively tackle cyber threats and thus allow more cybercriminals to be captured and delivered into the hands of justice. The lack of trust and cooperation between private governments and vendors from different countries, on the contrary, brings no benefit to anyone except the authors of cyber threats who, during their malevolent activity, do not respect any kind of border.

He commented Morten Lehn, General Manager Italy of Kaspersky Lab.

More information is available on Kaspersky Lab’s website, at this link.

This link is accessible instead the site of the Global Transparency Initiative of Kaspersky Lab. Announced in October 2017, it represents a first step by the company in a path of greater trust and transparency in the field of cybersecurity. This project led to the opening of the first Transparency Center last year in Zurich. A structure within which trusted partners can review source code and updates. The company has also transferred some elements of its infrastructure to Zurich and announced that further initiatives will be taken in the context of the Gti.

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