Zoho announced Canvas for Zoho Crm, a design studio for the customization of the crypt with which companies are able to create the most suitable interfaces for each employee’s role, without the need to involve the It department or developers.

Canvas helps simplify complex Crm implementations allowing every employee to enjoy a simplified and contextual experience.

Personalization of data and workflow can make a Crm system too complex for most employees, and customizing the Crm for the role of each employee involves too high development effort and costs. Direct consequence of this complexity is the decline in productivity, the disinterest of employees, the difficulties in adopting the RM.

With Canvas, companies can overcome these problems and benefit from the scope of the functionality of a generic crypt and the specialized experience offered by a vertical crypt.

With Canvas, the Zoho Customer Experience platform consolidates the creation of a system that can simplify the economy of experience for brands and stakeholders.

From planning and creating diversified customer experiences to their implementation and evolution for the future, Zoho Crm helps organizations of all sizes to enhance employee productivity, improve collaboration with stakeholders and increase customer success.

Canvas features include a drag-and-drop editor: Canvas uses a simple drag-and-drop editor that facilitates design without having to write a single line of code.

You can choose preset models suitable for the sector and use them immediately.

Companies can create views relevant to their industry, professional knowledge, sales process and more.

You can also share Canvas creations on portals and create a better experience and companies can assign different Canvas views based on roles, responsibilities and teams in their company.

Canvas also has a wide range of formatting options to modify the most granular details of a view and can load styles dynamically according to conditions.

Among the companies users of Zoho Canvas cӏ Biffignandi SpA, which produces and markets industrial abrasives, and was chosen by the Ict manager Marco Ravelli, and Human Interpretation, which, says the founder and Cmo, Luca The new Canvas builder feature has allowed the project to manage the data qualitatively, while making the user experience more direct and functional to all members of the company team

Canvas will be available in all paid editions of Zoho Crm, at no extra cost. In the coming years, Canvas will be implemented in all Zoho products so that users can experience a coherent and cohesive experience throughout the Zoho ecosystem.

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