There are more than a billion shopping sessions on Google every day, stressed the company of Mountain View on the occasion of Google Marketing Livestream 2021, a virtual keynote in which the company announced new

More consumers shop online than ever before, and users are meeting a new generation of digital-first retailers, each with their own unique products, stories and values to share.

In such a context, Google is working on several ways to facilitate the connection between retailers and consumers, so that retailers can build direct and lasting relationships with their customers.

All last Google I/O the Mountain View company announced a new Shopify integration and now announced that retailers on WooCommerce, GoDaddy and Square will soon be able to integrate with

This approach of an open ecosystem means that retailers have even more ways to get acquainted with Google, and buyers will have even more choice.

With the acceleration of this generational shift to the e-commerce, Google believes having a digital presence is only the minimum essential: now it is imperative for every retailer to stand out and speak directly to its customers.

This is why, on the occasion of Google Marketing Livestream, the company has introduced new tools that will help retailers tell their brand, from discovery to checkout.

Soon, online retailers will have the opportunity to look after the way their brand appears on Google through videos, lifestyle images and formats of interactive stories, free of charge, including new attributes on brand identity.

Google is also looking for ways to use digital to offer a more ‘hands-on’ type of experience than those that inspire consumers in real life. For this reason, the company launched at the end of last year a test experience of the makeup kit in increased reality, for lipstick and eye shadow, and soon consumers will be able to find the foundation perfectly matched, by brands like L.O.

Consumers also want to see how the clothes are on. That’s why Google is releasing a new experience in augmented reality to show buyers how different clothing looks on them.

Once the retailer has drawn the attention of a new customer highlighting the advantages it offers, it has the opportunity to transform it into a faithful customer. Google is testing an integration of the loyalty program that allows customers to see the special prices and benefits of the loyalty program, such as free shipping, when they start shopping on Google.

If a consumer has a loyalty account with a merchant, he will be able to access it immediately. If you do not have it, you will be able to easily join the loyalty program with a click on a special button that allows you to create an account.

Branding power has never been so important, but it is also known that sometimes consumers simply seek a good deal. The search for discounts, Google has announced, has increased of 50% since last year, and represent important moments for the retailers to increase the sales.

Google has announced that by the year it will make it easier for buyers to discover the promotions of a brand, just in time for shopping of the season of discounts. Google will launch a page of the results of the offers in the Search and Shopping tab. New real-time reports on the optimisation of offers will also be available in the Merchant Center.

New ways are also coming, for merchants, to show consumers all the options of buying offers, online, in store and on Google. Ads can now show you the products available for immediate withdrawal in store and other pickup methods.

Labels for pick-up and shopping in stores are now extending to local ads on YouTube and Maps, to help businesses reach even more buyers nearby, in more points.

Google is also developing a new experience that will help you show your customers all the ways they can buy products. When a customer discovers the products of a brand on Google, he will see a summary of all the options offered for buying, in one place.

Whether it’s the ecommerce website, the physical shop nearby or Google’s native checkout stream, this new format will make shopping easier for customers, and help you to show omnichannel offers neatly

Next, the marketants will have the opportunity to enable Shop Pay as a purchase option, giving their customers more options for an easy checkout experience.

Google is currently testing this new shopping experience on Search and Shopping, and plans to bring it to YouTube and Images during the year.

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