The conversational trade specialist has acquired TraceDock, a 1st Party Data collection service that was founded in 2019.

With this acquisition will enrich its Mobile Marketing Cloud to allow companies to communicate with their customers.

By adding 1st Party Data from TraceDock to customer profiles in Mobile Marketing Cloud, can provide further insights and establish more personalized communication with customers.

TraceDock is a software solution that allows companies to collect 1st Party Data from website visitors, even without cookies, if necessary.

The company was founded in 2019 and grew rapidly, with active users in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

TraceDock’s service is used by many marketing agencies, such as Merkle, Dept, ISM eCompany, Fingerspitz, IMPACT Extend and Maxlead, to obtain more accurate reports on website traffic on the entire website

The service is also used by more than 500 websites and includes among its customers HEMA, VanMoof, Simpel, NS, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Corendon, en Independer. TraceDock has been built on the basis of privacy by design principles and complies with AVG, GDPR and CCPA legislation.

The founders of TraceDock, Boris Schellekens and Jaap Breeuwer will remain for at least two years and will work in this capacity at

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