Digital is redefining the relationship of consumers with the brand in terms of customer experience, but this does not mean that you can delegate everything to digital.

Finding the right balance between human contact and digital interactions is complicated and it is essential for each company to invest in both, seeking optimal balance.

And according to Alberto Albano, Sales Director of Medallia Italia, marketing and customer experience managers who will be able to identify the perfect balance between these two factors, will be able to maximize both the customer loyalty

For example, Albano quotes, a simple change of address is an intervention that can be easily managed by digital means, but if it is a question of receiving support in the choice of a product or in the resolution of an urgent problem, human interaction becomes fundamental for the customer experience

It is said that facilitating the booking process of a room or collecting feedback through digital channels reduces costs and increases efficiency without compromising customer satisfaction, but it is equally true that it is impossible to simulate a warm welcome and a smile.

Being aware of times when it is necessary to maintain or introduce the human touch is therefore vital to provide a distinctive customer experience.

Customer experience, the rules of the human-digital mix

According to Albano some rules can help determine the mix between human and digital and their correct balance:

Omnichannel strategy. Undoubtedly, the demographic data of its customers, especially the age, influence the engagement and the preferences of communication and dinging channels, but it is equally easy to meet incorrect segmentations of the groups.

In fact, not all millennials like to interact with chatbots, while most baby boomers today have a smartphone and love to use it. So, to optimize the customer experience, you certainly need to start from the segment of audience that you want to hire and understand what is relevant to this target.

However, it is easy to fall into misleading generalizations, not to mention that companies may be interested in interacting with a very large demographic sample of customers.

Here in both cases, having an omnichannel customer experience can be useful to avoid incorrect evaluations or simply to meet everyone’s needs. Moreover, relying on a purely digital or human strategy means communicating to the customer only by certain means, risking not hiring him in others the contact points he probably uses.

Building a customer experience human & digital can, on the one hand, respond more to the needs of that growing part of consumers that is multichannel and on the other hand anticipate what the remaining ones will want shortly, thus increasing the probability of transforming these customers

In summary, it is important to build an omnichannel strategy that activates all the modes of interaction and engagement preferred by the different types of audience, avoiding relying on easy assumptions or generalizations on what is thought that the consumer uses online and offline, even in

When the Survey Is Not Enough

Another point to consider, Albano notes, is that the ease of carrying out instant and digitized surveys during or at the end of the interaction with the customer has made this procedure a central element of each customer experience program in recent years.

It is essential to remember that, although the investigations are of significant importance, it is necessary to go further, maintaining contact with the customer even after detection. Close the loop can offer excellent opportunities: the first, for example, may derive from informing the customer of how his opinion is changing the business approach of the company; the second from involving him in defining the changes to be made asking to evaluate some

These options help to create a personal relationship and real involvement between the customer and the brand.

Unfortunately, companies often introduce changes to their processes or offers by following users’ suggestions, but without worrying about communicating them. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate closeness and create a fulfilling relationship, able to make it a super promoter.

Customer experience is not a conversation, a momentary process, but a long and emotional path of trust and involvement that must be undertaken with its customers and fed daily.

It should also be considered that, in addition to surveys, customers send unstructured feedback or less formal signals through an increasingly wide variety of channels.

Developing the set of all these data, structured and non-structured, provides a truly complete picture to understand what the customer needs, allowing companies to understand and categorize the emotions experienced at any time of the experience.

Combining emotional and behavioural signals with financial and operational data, you get a complete picture of the consumer, his conduct, his actions and his possible intentions. This information is essential for a company to learn what will be needed to improve future experiences.

For example, collecting and analyzing feedback in the form of text messages or voice messages or posts does not have the same value as a targeted survey, but it is equally effective and also offers the possibility to create an engagement in real time.

Analyzing a simple recording of a conversation with a call center or video message can extrapolate numerous evidence without launching an ad hoc survey, quickly identifying users willing to expose the reasons for their judgment or behavior. This helps companies to understand the causes that have made the experience positive or negative and, therefore, to identify the key to eliminating the weaknesses and strengthen the most fulfilling ones for the customer.

Another key point to understand how the customer feels, according to Albano, is to listen to the people of the company who interact with him every day. Collecting their perceptions and insights can lead to profound and effective changes in customer experience strategies.

When human interaction is fundamental

At this point it was understood how essential people are to improve engagement, but the human aspect is central even when a customer is looking for guidance, a response, advice, a solution to a problem and fails to get answers,

Human interaction in these situations becomes vital for Albano. Switching from digital contact to human contact is imperative. It should not be underestimated that if the user becomes impatient or angry because he cannot speak with the reference company or fill out a form to find an answer to his needs, he can become a potential detractor.

Think about when a customer has lost or stolen his credit card or ATM; in this situation he has an urgent need to talk to an operator because only another individual can provide the necessary assurances and can take charge of finding the solution No chatbots can do the same.

This makes it clear that it is important for a company to identify situations that can generate fulfilling emotions to the customer, but it is also important to determine those that can generate negative emotions.

Only then can we generate an effective customer experience management strategy.

Going deeper into the sentiment

It is not only important to understand how users feel, but also the reasons. Companies that analyse both the NPS (net promoter score) and feedback received from surveys or other sources can have a real and profound view of the sentiment of their customers. For example, when a customer is altered against the company, he will write …….. in his judgment, at this point it is necessary to adopt a further language to understand what caused his

It is possible to collect this information through an ad hoc survey, but also through the observation of its behaviour within digital channels, checking, for example, whether the customer is frustrated by a specific problem that occurred at a specific time, such as the price offered or the price offered by the

Today many innovations allow you to measure emotions through facial expressions, voice and its tone. All information that you add to the textual analysis, allow you to get valid insights and information and then understand the customer’s sentiment.

It should also be added that companies that use audio or video messages from customers can also rely on a very convincing method to keep their employees’ attention to the end user.

The detection of a score that has gone from 50 to 45, alerts a particular working group on the need to intervene. But if employees have the opportunity to examine comments by referring to real stories, they automatically generate involvement and this helps the creation and maintenance of a client-centred organization.

To conclude, Albano notes that every day companies discover new ways to involve the consumer and even when they know him in depth, they must always and in any case be able to anticipate his new needs while keeping behind the scenes, to smooth

However, in all situations, it is necessary that the emotional connection with the brand is always present, through a fully digital customer journey and a human touch and a constant commitment to customer satisfaction. Anyone who deals with customer experience management knows that his work is never finished, but he also knows that, thanks to the combination of technology and human touch, he is already building successful case history.

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