NTT Ltd has announced that it has been recognised as Genesys Global Platinum Partner. Today, customers expect a simple, hyper-personalised experience while 81.6% of board and manager recognize the CX as a clear element of differentiation and the first indicator of strategic performance. The new challenges introduced by the health emergency have led NTT and Genesys to a more intensive collaboration in Europe to offer cloud-based contact center solutions that can transform and accelerate customer engagement, in the future. NTT and Genesys have been, together, active in many application cases.

Ntt and Conrad: Provide excellent customer service anywhere and at any time

The transfer of Conrad Electronic’s contact centre to remote mode, following lockdown, meant that the integrity of the services to customers was guaranteed. After careful analysis, they decided to move the on-premise solution to Genesys Cloud. Working with NTT, they were able to drive and migrate the entire contact centre to the cloud in a few days without impacting on the customer experience. In just three days, 99% of the headquarters team have been able to work remotely and, given the success of the project, are implementing this solution for operations in other countries.

EBTS: building solid foundations for international growth

EBTS Pro Assist needed a new, reliable, future-proof and user-friendly contact center solution for the current digital and mobile era. But more importantly, it needed a solution to help truck drivers get back on the road faster, optimize the processes and workloads of the service operators and include all the appropriate tools to guide the international growth plans of EBTS Pro Assist

Working with NTT, they migrated and integrated existing tools into a single Genesys contact centre platform based on the cloud. Thanks to the new platform, they are able to ensure a smooth transition and automate cyclical processes. Customers are now served faster and more effectively, while the company has a more efficient IT environment to support its growth plans.

Henkel: Migration during lockdowns and travel restrictions

With more than 400 agents supporting customers in more than 60 countries and 40 different languages, Henkel’s success depends on the ability to provide its customers with access to relevant information. As part of his globalisation strategy, Henkel has decided to upgrade the on-premise hybrid solution by moving to a single cloud solution to better serve its customers and have the flexibility to respond quickly to changing market requirements. However, having finalised migration at the beginning of 2020, Henkel was faced with the travel restrictions imposed by the pandemic. A solution of this magnitude would require training and implementation on the ground, but this was not possible. The NTT team has managed the implementation remotely, ensuring that all necessary training is carried out and that the hardware is provided and configured correctly.

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