Adobe’s professional creativity becomes more accessible and democratic with Creative Cloud Express, a new solution dedicated to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

With the new Creative Cloud Express, Adobe has thought of digital influencers, small entrepreneurs, small businesses: all people and small teams who need to create digital content.

Content that serves for example to build your own brand and to make it known on social media channels, to grow the business of your business or small business.

But also to students and people in general, for example for a presentation at school or at university, or to share their experiences on social media.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express provides a unique solution for both the web and mobile (with iOS and Android apps) that simplifies the creation and sharing of creative multimedia content.

From posts and stories on social media to the realization of marketing materials such as logos, leaflets, banners.

Creative Cloud Express allows everyone to express their creativity easily, through intuitive techniques such as drag and drop.

It also offers users access to thousands of templates and templates, 20,000 Adobe Premium fonts and 175 million Adobe Stock images without royalty.

Of course, Creative Cloud Express is based on Adobe’s decades of experience in offering tools for the community of creative professionals.

The new product is designed to make the basic technology of professional Adobe

At the same time, Creative Cloud Express also leverages Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s powerful framework of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and all the cutting edge technology behind Adobe’s applications.

For example, Adobe Sensei-based Quick Actions allow you to perform complex tasks such as removing the background from photos, cutting and editing videos, turning them into GIFs, and converting and exporting PDFs in just a few clicks.

In fact, the new proposal is not a completely new product, but it is based on the previous Adobe Spark. However, it does not look like a simple rebranding, but rather a more significant upgrade and a partial repositioning of the market.

Creative Cloud Express › Adobe › is available for everyone free on the company’s website, on App store, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

The free base plan clearly offers a limited subset of the functionality and content of the offer.

Creative Cloud Express Premium with features and additional content for a fee is available with subscription formula. The paid plan costs €12.19 per month, or €121.99 per year.

The new Creative Cloud Express Featured product Adobe is included in the Creative Cloud All Apps and within the Single App plans, and is free for students.

Creative Cloud Express will also be available for Enterprise and Teams in 2022.

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