Noah Dinkin, CEO of this New York startup, said that Stensul was born about years ago because the founders were hand-made marketing emails for one of the largest companies in the world. It took all week to make the weekly email and that’s why it was coming out on Friday.

Adding all the time that went by, between the agency and the client, you would get a very high number of hours of work and without even taking into account the opportunity cost represented by what people could have done without having to run such a time consuming task.

The platform’s creators were convinced that there had to be a better way to accomplish this activity and so they dedicated themselves to the development of the first version of Stensul.

They were obviously not the only ones who believed in the usefulness of this instrument, since the company recently raised $16 million in a Serie B financing round, with the aim of further expanding the market presence of this email creation platform which

Stensul’s mission is to help email marketing teams become more agile. The way to get to this goal is to make email creation simple. But how?

Stensul puts in place a number of tools to be useful in this direction. First with a visual composition WYSIWYG through drag & drop; then with the help of modules and templates that make fluid the process of creation within your organization without having to each time invent the wheel

Again: simplifying the process of entering content from existing sources; validation of links and tracking of automatic parameters; with configurable brand guidelines that help to maintain consistency; with export functions in various formats. All this, within a workflow organized in configurable profiles and with review and approval workflows.

Stensul also integrates easily with the most popular email service providers and the main marketing clouds. This way Stensul is proposed as a solution that helps the creation teams optimize the production of emails to focus instead on performance. And as a solution for both agencies and creative studios and for digital teams and corporate marketing.

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