Google’s Web Stories were known before as AMP Stories and, as the name suggests, are an open format to create stories for websites in the form of full-screen immersive experiences and with fast loading, enriched by engaging animations

Last month Google announced that Web Stories were available in Discover, part of the Google app on Android and iOS that is being used, the company stresses, by over 800 million people every month.

The Stories Sliding Band is now available in the United States, India and Brazil at the top of Discover and helps users find visual content from the entire web. In the future, Google announced its intention to expand Web Stories in Discover in more countries and products.

In addition to the options for discovering and using Web Stories, editing options are also expanded.

More and more ways to create Web Stories are available, and now WordPress users have access not only to one, but to two visual editors of stories that are integrated into the WordPress CMS: Web Stories for WordPress by

MakeStories also earns six new languages including Italian and is enriched with new features, including new preset models and rulers. Developers have also made it easier to publish Web Stories with a new editorial stream that highlights critical elements such as metadata, analytics and ad configuration.

There are now many different options to create Web Stories, which you can find out in the Tools section of

The Web Stories are then becoming more interactive with the upcoming arrival of quizzes and surveys, what the development team calls Interactive Components, features currently available in the format that you can learn more about in the developer documentation.

Several visual editors, Google anticipated, are working to introduce support for these new advanced features, so that users can use them without any knowledge of the code being required.

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