Last year Google had opened domain to other companies, enabling third-party companies to allow users to perform online actions in one simple step: now Adobe has announced that it has collaborated with Google to offer

With this new feature, you can now type in your browser to create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF from any Microsoft Office or image file.

In addition, users can easily type in the browser’s address bar to create a PDF form that you can fill out, sign, save and send. You can do it from any point even without pen, paper or printer.

Even if you want to convert a JPG to a PDF specifically, there is the answer, with the online action.

If you have on your desktop a huge PDF file to make it somewhat more manageable, you can type in the browser to reduce its size and thus facilitate sending or sharing it with other people.

After that, all that remains to be done is to drag and release a document, to see it automatically transform into a high quality PDF with a professional look.

Even for those who want to create impact content easily and quickly to be published on social media with Adobe Spark Post, there is one answer: just type in the browser to be immediately taken to Spark, where you can free your own

The collaboration between Adobe and Google does not end here, announces the company of San Jose. In addition to the new shortcuts already unveiled, Adobe intends to launch a series of free PDF actions by the year, offering everyone access to twenty online Acrobat tools, simple and free.

Acrobat online is the Adobe tool that provides access to both free and premium tools through the browser, and allows you to quickly perform various common PDF tasks. By accessing a free Adobe ID, Acrobat online allows you to convert Microsoft Office files and images to PDF or request electronic signatures from anyone.

You can use Acrobat online, for example, to send a contract, an authorization receipt or any other document that someone needs to sign, and to track the petitioner’s responses in real time. Or, if we have to fill out and sign a contract or form ourselves, the Fill & Sign tool is the one for us, which is the same one that is behind the shortcut

At the moment, Adobe explained, you can use each of these online actions of Acrobat once a day, every day, for free. If this is not enough to manage your documents and you need to convert, compress or send something for signature more than once a day, you need to activate one of the available subscription plans, which can be used on desktops and mobile devices.

There is also a shortcut to see the news about domain, at Google’s page.

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