The reservation of the Covid-19 vaccine reserved for people born after 1941 in the Lombardy region is already at the post.

At the time of writing, the waiting list on the web page dedicated to this important moment of the fight against the emergency coronavirus has a tail above the hour, and well over 100000 people waiting to enter their data.

Although the page states ♪ You can close this page without losing your seat in the queue ♪ ♪ At the first attempts we found ourselves back It is certainly frustrating to make a tail over an hour long, and at the moment when you should be able to operate you should be simply forced to do everything from scratch; we do not have any difficulty imagining the frustration of hundreds of miles of Lombard families.

If nothing else, the data required for the reservation of the vaccine Covid-19 in Lombardy are very simple: Health Card National Charter of Services (ongoing valid) and a mobile number.

We hope that the situation will be normalized as soon as possible; otherwise we will give you prompt updates.

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