Twitter tries to contain the fake news on the Covid-19: the label arrives .Fuzzling, which distinguishes, explains the social network,, the content that is undoubtedly false or misleading,, Also according to Twitter, these contents may pose a significant risk of damage such as increased exposure to the virus or adverse effects on public health systems.

All deceptive post-safes related to the nature of the virus causing the Covid-19 and those related to the efficacy or safety of preventive measures, care or other safety measures designed to mitigate or avoid the disease are included in this category. In addition, those relating to official regulations, restrictions or exemptions relating to health warnings and virus spread or the risk of infection or death due to Covid-19.

Depending on the circumstances, the platform may also add a link to the label with an explanation referring to the institutions and scientific explanations. In case a tweet is recognized as misleading, Twitter will accompany the message with a warning, it will reduce visibility, will be disabled the \”likes \” and \”retweet ” to not make it viral.

If a profile repeats its behaviour and Twitter builds up several alerts, it will trigger more or less prolonged suspensions of the account.

The effectiveness of the new measures announced by Twitter is of course all to be verified on the ground. To date, despite the many more or less incisive initiatives proposed by social networks, the spread and strength of fake news on a part of the population seems to be far from fade.

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