Hp has announced its initiatives to support partners and customers, to best overcome the challenging operational and financial challenges arising from Covid-19.

The support program developed by Hp extends to all partners in the sales and retail channel in the Personal Systems and Print sectors.

It also offers a range of short-term incentives, specific to the market and country, and extends virtual engagement options, including free access to cybersecurity support and on-demand training.

In addition to providing a variety of financing and leasing options for end-customers, the company will offer channel partners specific short-term incentives, depending on the market and country. Proposals may vary according to the geography and eligibility criteria of the partner.

Christoph Schell, Chief Commercial Officer, HP Inc., said that the American company fully understands the importance of global reasoning and local operations.

Instead of adopting a unique method for everyone, Hp is pursuing a customized and specific approach depending on the individual dynamics in evolution in different markets and countries.

Hp is structured to ensure the continuity of commercial operations even in the most difficult circumstances, and is pleased to offer all the necessary support to its partners and customers.

Initiatives include free virtual support for cybersecurity Plus tips and online tips, HP will offer free webinars to customers to work from home safely.

HP Sure Click uses advanced technology to protect itself from malware, ransomware and viruses present in malicious email attachments or websites. Hp also offers the HP Sure Click Pro version free of charge until new date.

Hp also thinks about training through virtual platforms: Hp University offers online and on-demand learning sessions on a variety of topics. Partners can opt for custom online digital learning pathways, designed to meet their specific priorities.

Finally, but not least, live customer service 24/7.

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