Sirti is today a hub of innovation in the development and evolution of network infrastructure. The company is involved in designing, implementing, integrating and managing network systems and infrastructures throughout Italy, but also in Europe and the Middle East.

Sirti’s operations are divided into four business-unit principles: Sirti Telco Infrastructures, Sirti Energy, Sirti Transportation and Sirti Digital Solutions.

We interviewed Benedetto Di Salvo, Sirti’s Digital Solutions business unit manager, also to frame the role of the system integrator in the current emerging scenario determined by the outbreak by Covid-19.

And let’s start right here, in light of how Sirti communicates through his institutional site, with an eloquent hashtag, #sirtinonsistema:

• To address the difficult situation related to the emergency Covid-19, the Sirti Group is taking all necessary measures to ensure compliance with the regulations and recommendations issued by government and health authorities. Through all the actions undertaken, our activities will continue to be carried out regularly to ensure the continuity of telecommunications, transport, energy and digital solutions.

How is the national emergency affecting Sirti, what action is being taken to keep the national system in place?

Services provided by a company of primary importance at national level such as Sirti represent a necessary contribution to support women and men who are called to ensure the operational continuity of national infrastructures. It is also thanks to their important effort that the continuity of strategic services is ensured, which guarantee, for example, the functioning of hospitals, the use of agile work and the distance school services, thanks to which the country is, with courage, reacting to this emergency.

The Sirti Group has just launched new health protection measures and support for more than 4,000 employees, complementing measures already implemented to protect the health and safety of its resources. Specifically, tools for economic protection and insurance cover have been activated in case of coronary artery infection and has been established for the next three months • a telephone listening and psychological support service, active 24/7, that will allow

More generally, is the role of a system integrator also that of the guarantor of the business continuity of the companies? How does he accomplish it?

Sirti’s business-unit Digital Solutions operates on a series of mission critical infrastructures for the operation of the country system: the backbones, data center of TLC networks, energy, transport, large banks, PA and defense We are working these days to adapt the networks to the increase in traffic that many cases has exceeded 50% peak, monitoring and intervening in case of failures that can impact on the continuity of strategic services for our customers. We do this thanks to our 24/24 Operating Operations Centers and in constant contact with our technology partners.

We have the ability to intervene in every part of the national territory in less than 3 hours, thanks to the logistic network and the field staff of the whole Sirti group. We are currently fully operational • Wellcomm Engineering, acquired in 2019 • on the aspect of the cyber security of networks, given the wide use of smart-working dictated by the current situation.

Let’s take a step back: from what 2019 the business-unit came?

Sirti’s Digital Solutions reached a business volume of 160 million euros in 2019 (it was 130 million euros in 2018) with an increase of orders of 25% year on year. The significant aspect is that we can already count on a pipeline of projects that will further strengthen business growth during 2020.

The important fact of 2019 is the acquisition of Wellcomm Engineering, a leading company in cyber security with strong presence in the finance, GDO and large enterprise mode of Northern Italy, which has allowed us to develop significant technological and market synergies throughout the

With what skills, assets and technologies Sirti guarantees KPIs?

First of all, Sirti’s Digital Solutions has managed to stand out in a distinctive market thanks to the continuous strengthening of the skills of its 450 technicians, who can boast over a thousand certifications in various technological and process fields. In fact, we are one of the very few systems-integrators that can rely on a unique presence and capacity for capillaries throughout the national territory. In 2020, we focus further on skills, and in particular on virtualization and network automation and cloud issues. We will also expand our range of managed services, particularly in cybersecurity.

How are you bringing IoT projects to the field?

We have a large number of concrete cases on a significant scale. We know that 5G will be a formidable accelerator in the adoption of the IoT but we have been working for some time to create vertical solutions on established protocols such as LoRaWAN and Nb-IoT. L’IoT is perfectly in line with Sirti’s philosophy, which aims to oversee the entire technological and operational chain: software platforms and data analytics, system integration, networking, cloud and edge-computing, field activities carried out Very promising is the adoption of fiber optics as a sensor distributed on the territory and infrastructure, able to measure with enormous accuracy environmental parameters and stability of infrastructure.

What managed services do you provide, to which industry?

Digital Solutions is able to implement a series of latest generation solutions within IoT, data center, cybersecurity, edge computing, managed services and networking evolution, leveraged on the most important IT players to Sirti operates more than 1 million tickets per year for maintenance operations, we have a Network Operation Center to support our customers and we are developing

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