Among the harmful effects brought by Covid-19 we can undoubtedly mention those of the market economy, where the IT sector as a whole, while giving signs of anti-cyclicality (see the cloud) is unfortunately no exception.

The many weeks of failure to produce in China due to rigid blocking measures have caused a surge of demands for reconditioned hardware from companies across Europe, committed to guarantee their teams the operation even remotely.

Flex IT, a reconditioned and environmentally sustainable hardware distributor, has reported a significant increase in demand for its products over the last few weeks, as the supply of new hardware cannot keep pace with global demand.

The company, with headquartered in the Netherlands and offices in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria and the United Kingdom, works closely with suppliers such as HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo to buy from

The company also explained that the focus of the strategy is on environmental values. It is based on the regeneration of used products and not on indiscriminate production or on the use of valuable resources. This contributes to the preservation of the planet, maintaining a high quality of the supply.

The products are supplied with a warranty that can vary from one to three years for the…Approved Selection line, a selection of certified products following in-depth functional tests that makes them comparable to the new.

The offer of Circular products proposed by Flex IT varies from very recent versions (last year) up older models, in order to meet the needs of all customers.

Flex IT is a first-time reseller company: this means that it reaches end users exclusively through its resellers, and even in Italy the company wants to get in touch with IT market dealers interested in joining its own…Circular Partner Program.

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