Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic and the confinement of the population in Italy, the telecommunications networks, both fixed and mobile, have never before been used to access the Internet.

On this occasion, nPerf publishes a quarterly report showing the reaction of the networks in Italy since the beginning of this global crisis situation.

This study is based on the tests carried out during the first quarter of 2020 by users of the nPerf mobile app available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and on tests carried out on our partners and

Since the beginning of March, the period during which the confinement is implemented, network performance has decreased relatively among the four operators. However, download speeds remain above 20 Mbit, this is what allows Italians to enjoy a very correct user experience, regardless of the operator used.

The download speeds of mobile networks decreased between February and March by 25%, or 10 Mbit on average, except WindTre Mobile, which decreased by just 5 Mbit.

Despite the considerable load of streaming content (Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, VoD, video games…) and smart working, fixed networks continue to offer excellent performance with speeds above 48 M

The download speeds of fixed networks decreased between February and March by 10%, or 8 Mb/s on average, but remain very acceptable, close to 55 Mbit, with Fastweb and Wind Tre remaining above 62 Mbit, confirming a

While all technologies are affected by this crisis situation, FTTH networks handle overload very well with performance above 200 Mbit.

Despite very negative forecasts, all operators responded by offering more than dignified performance in a truly unprecedented context. The Italian internet network has been able to withstand the impact of Covid-19.

This also allowed Disney to open its Disney+ platform a week earlier, on March 24, while in other countries its launch was delayed for fear of crashing the networks.

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