Inductive Automation, distributed in Italy by Efa Automazione, released Ignition 8, a new version of the software platform for advanced production management and supervision applications. Among the new features, a higher level of security and complete openness to the mobile world.

The central component of the new Ignition 8 is the Perspective module, a display system with which mobile devices have all the tools and features of PC clients.

Ignition is a software solution that integrates Scafa’s HMI (control, supervision, acquisition and data visualization), MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) functionality into a single environment.

To date, the Ignition platform uses tens of thousands of applications implemented in over 100 countries and in various industrial sectors: automotive, automatic machines, food, bottling, consumer goods, steel mills, environment and territory.

The Perspective module allows you to implement responsive web applications on mobile, making them usable in the same smart mode as industrial applications.

Programmability and cybersecuirty

Perspective works with any HTML5 browser and does not require plug-ins installation. It integrates the typical services offered by mobile technology such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth, adaptive display orientation and more.

Great attention has been paid to cybersecurity aspects: the new Ignition 8 supports all major encryption protocols, integrates two-factor authentication, such as the single sign-on.

Efa Automazione (Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan) offers products, solutions and know-how for connectivity for the integration of systems. It is an greedy reference for system integrators and OEMs within IIoT, data collection & management, teleassistance, HMI/Scada and industrial communication solutions. With cloud and wireless solutions, it fills the gap between IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology). Among the most valuable brands that EFA distributes and supports on

The whole national territory is HMS Networks, Kepware, Inductive Automation, Beijer Electronics, Hakko Electronics and others.

Among the strengths of the new release Ignition 8 is also the ability to support large architectures, with the possibility to live together in a single different standard system that can be customized locally according to specific needs.

With Ignition 8 Inductive Automation, he has opened the way to a new way of understanding applications, no longer based on the classic concept of licensing, but rather on solution.

Unlimited tags, inheritance and client

The improvements introduced in the management of tags are an example of how Ignition 8 has taken on customer needs.

Ignition’s strengths have always been the ability to handle an almost unlimited number of tags. But often slow down was the number of tags that exceeded half a million, due to the massive demand for memory. Now the Ignition 8 tags are faster and the management model has been revised to be able to customize them with attributes and setpoints in a simple way and without scripts. This increased flexibility of editing, import and movement allows Ignition 8 to be more agile and performant.

Ignition 8 also offers greater flexibility in project management through the introduction of a new inheritance model, for which it is possible to define resource sets at central level, which can be shared and re-used locally, but without the possibility of making

This allows each site to be able to adapt projects locally, while continuing to have access to the resources that are made available centrally.

With the new Perspective module, visualization clients are light and fast. This allows operators and supervisors to implement the number of clients they need without constraints, to view data in real time and wherever.

The client response speed is due to the architecture of Ignition 8, which does not use the pollen technique, which reduces the network load and CPUs. This allows you to use up to 200 clients simultaneously.

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