Contentsquare announced that it has joined forces with Hotjar, an insight platform on online experience, a product that has been established in the SME market segment.

Companies will now serve the end-to-end market globally, allowing businesses of all sizes to optimise the digital experiences they provide to their customers.

The acquisition is based on the deep synergy between the two companies to expand their reach on the global market and accelerate the shared vision that aims to offer better experiences for everyone. Hotjar will benefit from Contentsquare’s technology and advanced resources, which will in turn benefit from Hotjar’s product-centered approach and scope.

With a team of over a thousand people, both companies will work side by side to get the most out of each other’s skills, continuing to operate independently for the near future.

Contentsquare and Hotjar support companies in interpreting online user behavior, enabling them to provide the best possible experience, remove obstacles along the way and increase engagement.

In a context of very strong digital acceleration, access to this type of information is crucial to the success of any business.

Together, Contentsquare and Hotjar provide insights to around 1 million websites in over 180 countries, examining billions of behaviors on the Web, mobile and apps and analyzing micro interactions on sites that process billions of dollars of transactions per day, using the

Last May, Contentsquare raised $500 million in funding in a Serie E round, reaching an estimate of $2.8 billion. The company has announced an increase in its overall staff of over 1500 people over the next three years and the expansion of its presence on new and already existing territories. Recently launched three new products and expanded its portfolio with 11 new patents and 28 published or patent pending applications. He also created an incubator and created the Contentsquare Foundation, a non-profit organization to promote digital accessibility for all. To date, over 750 global brands have chosen Contentsquare, including BMW, IKEA, Microsoft, Rakuten, Sephora, The North Face and Verizon.

This is the sixth acquisition of Contentsquare in two years, after those of Upstride, Dareboost, AdaptMyWeb, Pricing Assistant and Clicktale.

Hotjar provides insight into the product experience for small and medium-sized business teams. Over the past 12 months, the company has experienced exceptional growth due to the new global scenario that has led the whole world to turn to digital, and the consequent increase in consumer expectations about online experiences. Founded in 2014, the company has always been working remotely and from different parts of the world. Hotjar has a team of 190 people in 33 countries across Europe, America and Africa. Hotjar also commits to making positive changes and since 2017 devolve 1% of its revenues to Climate Justice.

Both companies believe in the value of digital trust, work in accordance with GDPR and CCPA and place consumer privacy at the centre of their technology.

Digital trust is such an important factor for Contentsquare and Hotjar that Contentsquare has just released its cookieless offer, allowing brands to disable all first and third-party cookies.

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