The right ratings and moves to bring the contact center to the cloud and manage the customer experience: all in a virtual event

The management of customer contact has always been important for organizations in every sector.

This has taken on a decisive role for companies that have been without notice to have to manage the dramatic situation created by the emergency Covid-19.

The resulting lockdown has created unprecedented and impervious challenges, in which communication has played a often decisive role in business continuity.

Without doubt, the limitation of movement has extremed the role of the contact center, however a profound evolution of the relationship between customer and company has been in place for a long time.

Talking about customer experience today is no longer a topic for visionaries or lovers of technological innovations. In fact, it is essential that companies hurry to embrace this vision of work: those who thought they could work without a close relationship with their customer base are destined to have little luck.

Of course, contact centers have existed for many years, however they have always been installed on premise and also monochannel, mainly telephone.

Today, all companies can count on a formidable ally: cloud computing. The cloud is the enabling environment for contacts centers of the future. First of all, like any cloud solution, it allows customer relationship teams to work from anywhere with a PC and browser connected to the Internet: in the first few months we all realized how important it is to be able to carry out their activities even from the less likely locations.

In addition, the cloud allows for immediate scalability (impossible for on-premise solutions), necessary for innovative contact centers as they are by definition subject to peak users even non-planned.

Cloud computing is the prerequisite for the other great technology that serves the contacts centers of the future: artificial intelligence.

In recent years, practical applications of artificial intelligence have increased to an extent. Thanks to the synthesis of cloud and artificial intelligence, organizations can offer their customers and operators tools until recently unthinkable.

Digital assistants (voicebots and chatbots) are increasingly sophisticated, and billions of interactions between users and companies generate an immense amount of data processed by artificial intelligence, which suggests the best possible responses.

Without forgetting the importance of omnichannelity: today each of us is used to using a plethora of communication systems such as social networks, instant messaging, telephone, e-mail; the Contact center as a service includes all these solutions (

Only with the calibrated use of the best technologies, and with the support of a valid system integrator, a company will be able to face the future of contact centers with serenity.

For this reason, we invite you to see a virtual event full of content and case history, which goes into more detail of use cases and enabling technologies that our entrepreneurs can no longer do without to be competitive.


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