The georeference system that Consip makes available to users has been enriched with new content.

On the Consip website is available in the activity section and on the e-procurement website Purchasing in the Pa network, in the Program/Numbers section, the map representing the territorial distribution of suppliers present on the trading instruments (PA’s electronic market

The new representation highlights the number of qualified and active suppliers, i.e. operators who have concluded at least one contract with the PA during the reference period, divided by notice and by category of goods, with three possible levels of territorial deepening: national, regional and provincial.

The new instrument is accompanied by the two maps already active, through which it is possible to quickly and easily know the value of contracts concluded by the administrations on the different instruments (Mepa, Sdapa, Conventions, Framework Agreements) and for the different sectors of the goods, in any

The georeference system, which is both an advanced data analysis system, oriented towards an ever-increasing knowledge and rationalisation of public expenditure and a tool for transparency and reporting for users and citizens, has been implemented with the support of Sogei,

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