In a very complicated and unpredictable period of history, it is important to be able to count on reliable analyses and for this reason COMPTIA has compiled a list of 10 trends for 2021.

We immediately point out that the first trend detected by the IT competence seeker is clear: in the next year, organizations can expect that there is no normality.

COMPTIA has pointed out that for companies that think of the long term the concept of a consolidated model will be more elusive.

Instead of laying down strict rules on how the company will operate, organizations now need to juggle between a multitude of options, from employee headquarters to supply chain components, to customers’ requests.

Cloud computing, absent from the trend list in 2020 is now present and will be a stopover for 2021. The flexibility and resilience features offered by the cloud are essential for companies, who will adopt a cloud-first mindset when it comes to building or updating IT infrastructure.

The third trend is that channel companies will respond to customer changes. The need for flexibility by channel companies has never been so great. Next year they will have to evaluate their offers and capacities in direct relation to the needs of customers in this new uncertain environment.

A fourth related trend is that channel dynamics become more balanced. The equation of power has changed , and will continue to do so in the future , from the one where sellers once had all the cards in order to the one where partners have the most influence. It is not contradictory, but rather more balanced.

The fifth trend forecast is that emerging technologies find their place in business solutions. The whole approach to IT is changing. Companies are placing much more emphasis on strategic IT than on the tactical mentality of previous decades.

The Zero Trust approach will make cybersecurity choices; this is the sixth trend indicated by COMPTIA.

Although various techniques have been employed to combat the new threat landscape, the general approach has seemed to be a growing list of best practices.

The zero trust is emerging as the new paradigm that guides all new practices. Instead of trusting any network user behavior or access that appears to come from a secure location, everything needs to be checked.

Another forecast is that managed service providers will develop more in-depth expertise in the field of cybersecurity, because in recent years the SMS have repositioned to redefine their activities almost exclusively on security.

In 2021, the category of managed security service providers will be strengthened, according to COMPTIA. Computer security, especially during this wave of smart working, is a discipline that is at stake for all types of channel partners.

According to Comptia’s forecasts, the regulation of the technology sector is not postponed: this will cover the giants of the IT sector and, cascade, the smaller companies and the channel. Technology companies will need to be informed and updated on federal, state and local regulations worldwide.

We have been talking for a long time about a skills gap in the technological workforce, mainly around so-called soft skills as the ability to communicate, drive, make a case, write well and organize a team. Quoting the shift to digitalisation and the cloud, IT is now at the forefront and at the heart of the business and will guide technology professionals to achieve these skills next year as the ninth trend, notes the report.

Diversity will also be at the centre of next year and the final forecast of COMPTIA is that companies will set public targets for diversity. It is time to move from awareness to responsibility. Since organizations emphasize social responsibility, metrics and results must be public and certifiable.

Companies will reap the benefits of multiple perspectives and support equal opportunities for all groups.

According to Comptia, although 2020 has taught companies flexibility and resilience in the face of disruptions in their activities, it has also attracted the spotlight on fair treatment, says the report. The most forward-looking companies will publicly demonstrate their commitment to this ideal.

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