If it is known that only one startup in ten in Italy can survive over time, it is also true that often the initial stages are characterized by many roads, but by scarce resources.

What priority should be given to developing an entrepreneurial project is one of the most frequent issues, to which startups often find no answer.

The Startup Pack initiative, conceived by Giacomo Gentili, a young professional of the Startup Unit of Almacube, the certified incubator of the University of Bologna and Confindustria Emilia, was born as a solution to this need, to support the

The first coaches involved by Gentili in the project are Mariangela Pretelli, Senior Account Manager of Cubbit, Matteo De Lorenzo and Pietro Maria Picogna, digital entrepreneur and former President of JEBO (in the coming weeks will be

Dear friends, he explains that he decided to start Startup Pack › to convey what he learned to those who are looking for the first time in this world, applying the concept of giveback ›

As Pietro Maria Picogna, Coach and Communication & PR Manager of Startup Pack explains, to receive a free mentoring hour from the Startup Pack coaches, you simply need to connect to the site and book a session by checking the availability in the calendar

After booking online the aspiring startupper can express a preference for the coach he wants to have during the session.

The choices depend on the specific skills of each of them, ranging from digital marketing to the development of the business model.

The same startupper will anticipate the specific need or problem that will have to be solved to the coach.

After a careful strategic review, the coach will be in a call 1to1 to tell his strategic vision about the specific need.

It will do so through models and matrixes deriving from vertical know-how and from the experience in startups already carried out. After an ice-breaking moment, a constructive discussion will be held to offer a new perspective from which to start.

Each consultation session is concluded with a moment of mutual feedback, both at communicative and conceptual level, so as to offer the best possible experience to the startupper in question.

From this, if it is considered useful, a second call will be scheduled in the following month where the solutions adopted by the team will be discussed.

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