A week has passed and my life has radically changed. I am concerned about that, of course. Yet as a communications operator • being dragged into a stream of information is part of the professional risks and Clubhouse is just a river in the middle.

I spent a few days setting up, understanding what potential and tricks to put into practice to make the medium interesting for the purposes of information exchange (see the story of the first week of use). Now is the time to draw the line.

News from Clubhouse Townhall

I adopted the title from the room led on Sunday night by Sara Laratro (@saralaratro) and Alida Pantone (@alidapantone), who took the trouble \ along with an experienced moderator like

The most awaited news concerns when there will be the Android version of Clubhouse. Everything is ready, according to Rohan Seth and Paul Davison, co-founders of Alpha Exploration Co, the clubhouse manufacturer.

There will still be a week shift from the forecast.

The operating difficulties are important, this is demonstrated by the fact that the increasingly urgent demand for rooms by the current iPhone owners is seriously putting the computer structure of the company in difficulty. Let alone when the endless population of Android users arrives.

Creation and organization of clubs

A very important topic in the recent discussion with the co-founders of Clubhouse is the consideration of clubs.

Clubhouse, in English, means club. This is the real core of social media, which I had slightly missed once I entered the system.

Social is not actually just organized around the rooms, but it is set up on two levels: clubs and rooms.

The thing is only partially visible at the moment, because the number of clubs is still minimal, especially in Italy. But how do you create a club?

If you organize a room several times with the same moderators and the same time, there will be the possibility to request the creation of a club.

Once the club is created, rooms can be arranged inside the club. A Chinese box system.

The clubs will be of three types: 1. clubs created as a supporting structure of serial events; 2. clubs that will address a community (for example to all those who have a particular interest); 3. private clubs with limited access.

In all three cases, within the clubs you can create rooms according to the three modalities provided by the app: public rooms, rooms limited to the circle of our contacts and private rooms. Two levels, therefore, that can make the interaction with Clubhouse much more articulated.

The new Clubhouse starting today

Based on the user’s communication in the forum, the two co-founders gave a number of indications about future improvements/enhancing of the app. Let’s see them:

• improvement of the internal search engine. At the moment it is not possible to search for rooms in the system. You can search inside a room to discover some visitor, but nothing more. More effective research will soon be possible.

• Recording of rooms. Up to now, the recording system of a room cannot be used by screen recorder. Yet co-founders have assured that there are no constraints in recording rooms with external instruments (e.g. with a camera or another cell phone). The dissemination of content will of course be bound to the consent of all participants in the room itself.

• the possibility for moderators to remain among the public. At the moment, if a moderator moves off the stage, he is silenced and, until he returns to his position, he can no longer speak. This is not important when the room is made by about ten people, but when the audience exceeds 2000 visitors and moderators start to be in a significant number the activity of the latter can become difficult.

♪ Silent room and Welcome room. The first is a room where no one talks. I ran into a German room where no fly flew. The purpose At first it was an unaccepted solution, but it seems that Clubhouse now allows it. In the second case (Welcome room) it is instead a private room that opens when someone invites a contact. It’s to make sure the newcomer can adapt and speak privately to the guest. The welcome room already exists, but will be further enhanced in the future.

♪ Green room. The idea is to create a waiting room where moderators can prepare the programmed thematic room. This will be a space where they can find themselves, discuss problems and strategies of conduction, waiting for the start of the room itself. I tried to organize a couple of thematic rooms and a solution like this would really be needed.

♪ Tipping experience. This is one of the most interesting things: the two co-founders said that soon a system of tips for the best moderators and rooms will be implemented. We do not yet have precise data, but the trend in this direction has been underlined. Meanwhile, Seth and Davison have stated that there are no constraints on who wants to put Paypal data in their profile. This will allow moderators and/or service providers to ask for possible rewards.

• 5000 to infinity. The number of visitors to a room It is currently limited to 5000 users, since over the system it crashes. But it’s just waiting.

• Overflow rooms. I said in my previous article that doubling rooms using external instruments was a practice condemned by Clubhouse (this was the case of duplication of the room where Elon Musk spoke last week). Well, this practice, from now on, is not only tolerated, but even promoted by Seth and Davison. So the arrival of a notoriety of the cargo of Mark Zuckerberg will be accessible directly or indirectly from anyone who wants.

About Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook and Instagram owner presented himself yesterday on Clubhouse, with the nickname @Zuck23, to talk about the future of virtual reality technology (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Clubhouse has of course gone tilt, but the two co-founders of the most exciting social of the last have not lost their spirits. The problem will be resolved quickly, especially since the recruitment campaign of technicians and designers has already started.

To technicians and designers in circulation: step forward. This could be the occasion of your life.

Riccardo Busetto is on Clubhouse: @riccardobusetto

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