Between security insurance and monetization by the founders, Clubhouse proceeds to the roof of 15 million users worldwide. Including Bill Gates

We have arrived to the first month of navigation on Clubhouse, the most popular social audio in recent times. The great communities of the platform celebrate the first month of activity, breaking with the exclusivity of voice and introducing themselves to friends and collaborators in a mixture of audio and video of great involvement. Parties that bounce from Clubhouse to Zoom disrupting the unilaterality of a means that made the voice his battle horse.

But what is the feeling of those who are really believing in this social platform and who \ very serious and organized  dedicates always different discussion spaces, which now involve thousands of users?

We asked Aldo Pecora (@aldopecora), journalist and founder with Giovanni Mattiazzo (@giovannimattiazzo) for one of the most successful Italian rooms on Clubhouse, \Caffè e tempo \ A room that opens at 7 am and that keeps open, following the current of thoughts and arguments, for the next 12 hours. A long journey of sacrifices, but also of great satisfaction.

Coffee and argument

♪ The feeling is really that of a beautiful experience and, for me, a great investment in professional terms ♪ The wonderful thing is that this platform is really a level that returns to the content. It is a fulfilling experience both as moderators and as participants. As moderators, knowing how to give up on exhibiting, listening, understanding and showing those who participate in conversations to understand fully what each one has to say, ferrying it to content that is always different and always new; as participants, managing to express in a democratic way

A myriad of arguments, therefore, that change continuously for 12 endless hours.

• The choice of organizing a room where the topics are completely random is something tremendously difficult: you have to be able to manage them, address them, deepen them and modify them in the course of the work. It’s hard but, at the same time, very funny. The challenge continues to move from topical issues to daily routines, from politics to music, from chronicle (even black) to food, from economics to philosophy and psychology is the most beautiful and rewarding part of this journey. All this is to be discussed with anyone, from expert to student, from housewife to vip, and to be able to do so by leveling the differences, always guaranteeing the neutrality of what is said and always allowing everyone to express themselves freely.

The one in Clubhouse is a journey that is radically changing the life of those who spend hours inside the platform, with a time consuming that Do we see it as journalists who monitor the social network from within and for you?

Something has changed radically in my days and I may be able to imagine where we’ll get with Clubhouse in the future, but for the moment what I want is to enjoy the journey and get carried away by this new, incredible experience.

Pending new versions of the app

For the moment, therefore, in Italy, it is celebrated. But beyond the video bracket offered by the digital party of .Caffè and topic…………. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Paul Davidson (@paul) specifically stated this in his usual weekly appointment with users on Sunday, February 28.

The improvements in the upcoming releases (two of them are planned by the end of next week) will take into account substantial improvements in the audio field, allowing not only to transmit the spoken voice with high quality, but also the musical extensions, whether singing or instrumental.

Yes, because as we have already said in previous articles, the idea of co-founders is to encourage the use of Clubhouse as a platform for the transmission of musical content of wide scope.

Concerts, musicals, events of great public appeal without spatial or temporal constraints. @paul spoke of endless rooms of infinite duration. A first experiment will be conducted in the music field, with a 24-hour jam session that will be organized shortly.


Among the various statements of the co-founders could not miss a hint of Android. Crazy Android users are rushing to the doors of Clubhouse waiting to spread in the audio spaces of social. But when will we expect an Android app? The talk was about March, then a few months, while Bill Gates (@Bill) appeared sneaky in the space of Clubhouse, guest of American journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin.

A one-hour, free-themed interview, where Bitcoin was discussed, about climate change and……………………………

The interpretations about the presence of Gates on Clubhouse are many: what does @Bill do in the room? Did you want to replicate the appearance of @Zuck23 almost a month ago to launch a signal?

We don’t know, but the reaction of @paul was certainly lightning: in a brief speech the founder of Clubhouse stressed that an app for the Android world is a fundamental priority and that you have to have a little patience, then even the

Four apps for image on Clubhouse

Meanwhile, developers around the world are working hard to find a way to preview the delights of Oakland’s children’s audio rooms for Samsung or Huawei users. Go online and search. It is not difficult to find an android app that allows you to navigate and participate in the rooms of Clubhouse, with the only limit not to allow to create rooms and invite new users.

Regarding third-party apps, in the last article we promised to pass some further suggestions on this.

Here, then, are some ways to simplify your life in managing the profile image and bio.

Chpic Beware that this is not a practice tolerated by many of the Clubhouse rooms (as well as the annoying habit of putting on the image the blue check, legacy of other social media). This is not a position, but an adaptation to the regulations and the reasons are real: the color blinds would be confused when the grey circle of the microphone activation appeared.

Clubhouse Avatar Maker Features an avatar generator. Any photo may appear in the icon, but we recommend that you insert a recognizable image of yours. It is about netiquette and respect for others.

Clubhouse Glow This too should be used with caution.

Last, but not least, a real gem of the world of applications. Lupin that allows you to insert a new keyboard into your iOS system. With the Font for Clubhouse

With Font for Clubhouse the game is done. Please note that the fonts used are not compatible with the Clubhuse indexing system. And then, finding you among the thousands of rooms would become a difficult challenge to face.

The Clubhouse saga, episode after episode

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