Clubhouse under attack? Here is the dominant feeling this week that is leading us towards the second month of stay in the most popular social audio of the moment. Between theatre shows in audio only format and high quality on-demand radio transmissions.

Telegram vs. Clubhouse. That is: can the world’s safest messaging system threaten the primacy of Clubhouse on the ground of audio communication?

This was the news that has created some concern among the most loyal Clubhouse users in this last week. Friday 19 a notification came on the mobile phones of Telegram users who informed about the upgrading of the service.

It says the title of the statement: • Voice Chats 2.0 • Channels, Millions of listeners, recorded chats, Tools for administrators • Channels. That’s enough to cause panic in Clubhouse’s rooms. But what is it really about?

Since December last, the Telegram messaging system had introduced, in overlap with the classic written messages, a system of group-related audio conversations. That is, the group leaders could activate similar audio chats per structure at Clubhouse rooms, which is to share topics and messages using the voice. Since last Friday this function has been enhanced by extending it to the channels (elements that’not too super-positional’could be shared with Clubhouse clubs) and endowing it with features that make this means much more effective.

We have tried the functionality of this application and Features of the Audio Quality and Service Management could be good examples to follow for Clubhouse developers as well.

Telegram, we know well, is based on an exceptional IT staff, and not just on the security features guaranteed. But let’s go by order.

As administrators, within a group or channel, you can now start an audio conversation extended to an unlimited number of users. Over 8000 of the current applications of Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth.

The conversations are communicated by invitation to group members or channels and the access system is decided by the user: everyone can access with their own account name, or by the name of a channel/group of belonging (this was designed to prevent a famous personality from being found Another feature, this, that could be suggested to the Oakland Developer Group.

But perhaps the most interesting function

Activating the three points at the top right of the chat screen leads to a menu through which you can start and stop a recording. All chats in the recording are recognizable by a red point that is activated at the time of registration. The file is automatically hijacked into the saved messages of the application.

There is no distinction in Telegram’s Audio Chat between those on stage or on the clubhouse speaker stage. There is one who speaks and who does not speak. Anyone who is silenced automatically when he does not speak can raise his hand if he wants to intervene. The dynamic animation is very nice and immediately attracts the attention of the moderators.

Volume control and moderator tools

The other feature not present in the Clubhouse rooms is the volume management of the different participants in the chat, which allows moderators to adjust the height. A way to avoid any disruption in listening and recording.

A series of potentialities, therefore, that demonstrate how Telegram starts from a very high level of technical preparation of its developers, even if the basic philosophy from which it takes away this new release is grafted on elements that greatly distance it from those of Clubhouse.

Telegram is a system of instant messaging that has evolved over time, but always keeping true to its original structure. Clubhouse starts from the immediacy of audio communication. Alpha Exploration’s app attendee does not write, record, and leave his messages to the nurse and evanescence of the moment he flees. And that makes her unique.

New (few) from Clubhouse Townhall

Not much has been said of importance at the recent Townhall on 21 March. Yet some new elements are worth mentioning.

First of all, @Paul’s suggestion to contact the service directly if you decide to invite a number of potential users who, for example, are already part of a community on other social media. This would facilitate the current restrictions on invitations (limited at present to a minimum number per user).

More information was that Clubhouse is strengthening the list of topics at the time still strongly limited and the traceability system of users in their activities within the social. The attendance of a room will be considered from now on even if the user does not follow the organized and/or moderate.

A question expressed by many people was the one with analytics argument. There are no applications developed by Alpha Exploration staff yet, as co-founders are still assessing the real validity of such applications. For the moment there are beta versions of third parties (such as the Italian one we mentioned last week and which is improving day by day:

And speaking of third parties, an Android version of the Clubhouse app has appeared, of course not recognized by the manufacturer and with obvious limitations in the potential use. You can interact with an interface that is practically similar to that of Clubhouse for IoS, but lacks volume control, you cannot create rooms and è solo un suspic For the official Android version we will have to wait for \ a couple of months \ as stated by @Paul. General statement, which could mean expectations even more than sixty days.

Music, theatre and flash mobs

Leaving the technical delights for a moment, here we are on the artistic and social aspects of Clubhouse. After almost two months of attendance, it is interesting to note that user attitudes and habits have gradually changed. From the initial period in which the frenzy of newcomers was directed to the evaluation of the elements of monetization and commercial exploitation of the new social audio, now the habits have consolidated and, finally, have taken shape manifestations of different type: theatrical and artistic in general

This is the case, for example, of the club . Musica Italiana Clubhouse, a group organized by Francesco Altobelli (@ondesonore), CEO of Ondesonore Records, who inaugurated a Recently, with a skill that has been the result of years of radio and record experience, the club has managed to offer on-demand music at an excellent level of sound quality, in almost instant times compared to the requests of the participants. A result of great satisfaction that opens endless doors to inventiveness and musical broadcasting on the platform.

Another important element is the theatre activities of the duo Luca Argentero (@lucaargenzero) and Marco Salom (@superangel77), which have been a remarkable success in recent weeks. At a time of forced closure of the theatres and spaces dedicated to the show, the audio dimension offered by Clubhouse is increasingly being configured as a winning alternative, which allows actors and professionals of the show to redeem the moment of forced inactivity; all strictly not

Finally, a choreographic activity that has been making people talk about itself for some time is the one found in the rooms of Clubhouse especially in the evening hours. These are flash mobs organized by groups with remarkable artistic abilities, which appear in the rooms replacing their profile image with thematic icons (members of the Addams family, characters of the film Pulp Fiction, superheroes of Marvel Comics Just tolerated at the beginning, they are recently gaining considerable success and, as often happens, they are becoming a fashion. An ephemeral fashion, sure, but that enriches a visual dimension that social that  for philosophy   is only audio and exclusively.

The Clubhouse saga, episode after episode

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