To improve performance, compliance and user experience in the Oracle cloud, it launches new advanced support services based on a proprietary methodology.

The new Oracle Advanced Customer Success Services program has been designed to provide Oracle Cloud Applications customers with the resources they need to get the best results from the cloud as soon as possible.

The initiative is based on the consideration that to allocate resources correctly, promote user adoption of the solution and achieve the best business results.Cloud-based companies need expertise on their industry and business procedures, information and ins

To meet these needs, Oracle uses a proprietary methodology to monitor, track and manage the use of Oracle Cloud applications by a company.

Services are based on native insights and industry best practices and are provided by industry experts to help customers leverage their cloud investment as effectively as possible.

The services are provided by experts on the various subjects and cover the entire Oracle Cloud suite of applications, including Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, Oracle Su

Oracle describes the new Advanced Customer Success Services as follows.

Guarantee of operational continuity: services that support improved stability and performance, and help the company plan and manage different product versions.

Compliance and governance: Oracle’s Customer Success Managers cooperate with customers on security controls, providing advice and guidelines on existing compliance standards.

Use and adoption: Oracle Advanced Customer Success Services monitors the solution to ensure that the application is used and adopted by long-term employees In addition, customers receive best practice tips and procedures analysis to identify opportunities to exploit the best practices and practices.

Continuous improvement: innovation orientation, planning and benchmarking to optimize and improve application performance.

Support for change management: services to support and guide customers in ensuring training and proper communication for widespread and regular adoption.

In 2018, Oracle introduced Platinum-level free support services to the market, designed to accelerate cloud adoption and ensure customer success. The complete package of basic support offers 24/7 technical support that responds quickly, dedicated support for implementation, proactive technical monitoring and on-demand teaching resources.

The new Advanced Customer Success Services are designed to go beyond Platinum-level free services and support customers to allocate resources, adopt best practices, quantify, communicate and advertise results to their stakeholders

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