Features The Cloud Bridge connectivity suite allows us to provide our printing services anywhere, at any time or print environment, from a global fleet of 100,000 devices to a single device in home office. The words, contained in a note, are Brock Saladin, senior vice president and chief commercial officer of Lexmark and serve to explain the purpose of Cloud Bridge, a connectivity suite designed to give flexibility to the work

Lexmark Cloud Bridge expands access to advanced features of managed printing services in companies with complex network environments, while allowing partners remotely manage the fleet through Cloud

Saladin also says that Lexmark has developed Cloud Bridge › to bring advanced MPS capabilities through the cloud to all network environments, from business locations, to distributed environments up to home office ›

How Cloud Bridge works

The suite includes a native agent that is supplied as standard on many of the latest Lexmark devices, a printer agent that runs on enabled printers that are not native IoT, a fleet agent that runs on a server

Lexmark Cloud Bridge’s scalable architecture can be expanded to meet future connectivity requirements.

Lexmark offers this seamless device-to-backend system connectivity.

From the printing engine to the device communication, to its single global IoT system, Lexmark architecture offers an integrated connectivity solution, regardless of where companies operate or the complexity of their network.

This allows users and partners to simplify IT tasks and reduce the cost of printing infrastructure, increase device luptime with predictive service, ensure printer security with firmware updates and configuration

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