The workplace of the future will be very different from what it was not only a few months ago: I’m convinced Microsoft and Citrix.

The global pandemic has led companies and workers to rethink the way they work. For an ever increasing number of companies, remote work will be an integral part of the strategies of management of the workforce and cost items, while the structure and role of the offices will be rethought to ensure that employees are safe and productive, with a much more corporate structure

To ensure business continuity and growth, organizations need to adopt more flexible work patterns. In order to facilitate this step and shape this new workplace, Citrix and Microsoft are joining their forces.

Today, those who work need a consistent experience and unhinged access to applications, having insights available to make it possible to do their job best wherever they are, in the office, at home or on the road.

To meet this challenge, the two companies announced that they will together help organizations migrate to the cloud and speed up the adoption of digital jobs and virtual desktops.

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This new multi-annual agreement strengthens and expands one of the longest strategic partnerships in the market. Under the terms of the contract, Citrix Workspace will become a digital workspace platform among the favorites for Microsoft and Microsoft Azure customers will become the preferred public cloud for companies using Citrix solutions in order to allow

Citrix and Microsoft will offer joint tools and services to simplify and speed up the transition of on-premise virtual Citrix applications and desktops on Microsoft Azure.

Companies will also work on a joint product roadmap to offer a consistent and optimal work experience that will include joint offers from Citrix Workspace, Citrix SD-WAN, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 sold Microsoft will lead the sales process with Citrix Cloud to migrate Citrix’s current on-prem customers to Azure.

Both Citrix and Microsoft will maintain their support policies for customers who will require alternatives to meet their business requirements.

As part of this new agreement, Citrix and Microsoft will develop a connected roadmap to simplify and accelerate the transition of application loads on Azure, improving the performance of Windows Virtual Desktops.

Together, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Managed Desktops and Windows Virtual Desktops will offer a complete system to run all their application loads on Azure and a way to access

Citrix will also invest in the creation of a Microsoft-based version of Citrix Workspace, offering integrations to optimize performance, functionality and micro-apps for Windows Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams.

In addition, Citrix will use Azure and Microsoft 365 to accelerate innovation and improve productivity.

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