The much discussed, awaited, opposed, invoked citizenship income, presented by the government as an innovative welfare measure, becomes reality also and above all thanks to technology, a mix of consolidated online media and digital tools.

On 6 March, the possibility of submitting an application for citizenship income officially began. But in addition to meeting the requirements for this, a number of requirements must be fulfilled before submitting the application.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, in addition to all the information on this, also makes available digital tools. Let’s see which ones.

Citizenship income, online references

The starting point is certainly the site prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies for Citizenship Income.

The site is accessible at this link.

The site explains the citizenship income and what are the requirements to apply for it, as well as what needs to be done to know whether you are entitled to request it, or to obtain it.

The application may be lodged with all post offices and CAFs from 6 March. But also online, on the aforementioned site of citizenship income.

One of the requirements concerns the value of the ISEE (Economic Situation Indicator) below the established sum. Again, you can request your ISEE from the CAFs or even online. In this case, however, to do so online you have to connect to the website of the INPS, to this link.

SPID, so-called and how to activate

To make the request for citizenship income online, the Ministry warns, it is essential to have activated the SPID, the Public System of Digital Identity. It is, precisely, a digital identity that allows access to online and telematic services of the Public Administration.

The SPID system allows you to safely perform operations such as health reservations, certain practices and other.

The SPID is also used for the Teacher’s Card. Through this Charter, teachers have a professional upgrade bonus available, which can also be used for the purchase of hardware and software.

So let us return to the citizenship income. Before you can request it online you must have already activated SPID. You can do this through an accredited Identity provider. The list of accredited Identity providers can be found on the SPID website at this link.

At the time we write there are eight accredited identity providers. Each of these differs in the supply of the characteristics and economic conditions. On the SPID website, however, there is a useful summary table that compares the services of the Identity providers.

The site also offers advice on how to choose the service that best suits your needs. Since the release time of the digital identity depends on individual identity providers, in case you want to make use of the SPID you should move in time.

The electronic payment card

Once the request has been made and the verification process has been successfully completed, the citizenship income is paid through an electronic payment card, the citizenship income card.

Currently, the Charter of Citizenship Income is issued by Poste Italiane, as the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies informs.

On the Citizenship Income Card is paid the bonus that, always through this, can then be spent.

The Charter allows the purchase of basic goods and services, as well as withdrawals and transfers, within the limits and in accordance with the procedures indicated by the Ministry.

At this link you will find all information from the Ministry on citizenship income.

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