How to protect organizations and employees in the new normality, rich in challenges that include cybersecurity and smart working? a question that is anything but trivial; for this reason we chose to address it to Fabio Panada, Technical Security Architect

Panada points out that the way of working has changed deeply and smart working, although it has been a topic often addressed in recent months, has brought to light some challenges that all companies, regardless of their size, have to face urgently.

The recent Istat report, dedicated to the situation of companies during the health emergency, confirms that smart working represents the present and future of work and no longer just a simple trend. In addition to large companies, already used to distance work, micro and small enterprises have been added, with percentages up to 37%.

That cybersecurity is an integral part of smart working is a fact: it is not possible to enable remote work without having a clear strategy regarding computer security and, especially during this period of recovery, it is important to give the right priorities

Companies today face the so-called cyber fate: too complex, or too numerous security solutions risk becoming a double-edged weapon if they have to deal with attacks quickly, thus obtaining a contrary effect that opens the way for cyber criminals

As new virtual workstations increase, the attack surface also increases: the business perimeter has changed and it has become more complex to keep it under control.

Security officers are dealing with a constantly changing network whose borders change virtually every day. To cope with these two trends, Cisco recently launched SecureX, a solution that can unify Cisco Security solutions in one place: this way you can detect and analyze cyber threats, apply the necessary solutions and, at the same time,

The last challenge that companies face to protect smart working is to enable an internal corporate culture on cybersecurity: increasing physical distance requires responsibility and training employees so that they are the first protectors of the

Cisco has recently launched the Cisco Security Awareness service: thanks to quality content, updated and personalized by Cisco experts, it is possible to train employees so that they are always up to date on business policies that concern cybersecurity.

We are facing a new scenario for everyone: our habits are changing and with the smart working that has become part of everyday life we must be ready to face increasingly sophisticated and evolving cyber attacks; only the business solutions of cy

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