Cisco announced that from this month the real-time translation function from English into more than one hundred languages will be introduced as a public preview in the Webex app.

This will allow users to customize the experience of Webex meetings so that it is more meaningful and productive, with the possibility to participate in the language of their choice.

The language library has been expanded by Cisco from ten to over 100 languages and the translation function enables greater engagement and easier communication between the participants in the meetings, ultimately leading to more effective collaboration.

In addition to creating a more satisfying experience for users, real-time translations also bring cost benefits according to Cisco. The company cites a recent report from Metrigy that more than 50% of participants are interested in third-party services to translate meetings into other languages, supporting an average cost of $172 per meeting, per language.

The integration of translation capabilities into multiple languages into Webex therefore makes the process simpler, but also more convenient. And not only does it reduce costs, it also helps to increase productivity and offers a more inclusive environment for employees. In addition, the new functionality allows companies to focus on the search for the best talents, regardless of where they call or the native language.

The integration of intelligent virtual assistants for meetings with linguistic translation capabilities thus brings companies different advantages in terms of costs, productivity, employee engagement and more.

This is the most significant but not the only news for Webex. Cisco also announced the introduction of the first phase of the immersive share, now available on Webex Desk Pro devices. Overtaking the speaker image above the shared content, this feature allows a more dynamic and engaging presentation experience.

In addition, Cisco is working to introduce a number of tools and features that help companies transition into the cloud.

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