It has been about a month since Gianmatteo Manghi took the reins of Cisco Italia, inheriting the role from Agostino Santoni.

The new Ad wanted to offer his perspective vision.

Mango has remembered that I have passed 21 years from his entrance to the company. A time period in which many changes have occurred, from the birth of the internet to the various economic crises, to the current health emergency.

Over the past 12 months Cisco Italia has hired over 50 people and made acquisitions.

A non-causal choice: Mangos is convinced that we are experiencing the historical period with the highest speed of change ever seen before.

Indeed, the European geopolitical framework as well as the need for digital transformation allow and facilitate it.

Moreover, according to Cisco, Italy is able to benefit from the current trends:

Mango proudly claims a front row seat for Cisco, in the modernization of the country.

It does so with reason, in our opinion. The recently announced Pnr by Prime Minister Mario Draghi clearly indicates the central role of digital.

IT infrastructures are the technological foundations of the Italian economic recovery and not only. The great players in this sector, Cisco on all, are called to make a huge effort and in many respects unpublished.

Cisco particularly wants to play a central role in these positive changes.

The importance of the person factor for Cisco

People are in first place for American society. It is certainly not for a coincidence that for 6 consecutive years she has been awarded as the best organization to work for. Mangos recalls, for example, the extra day of holiday granted to all employees in March. Or, again, free psychological support meetings. Without forgetting some Cisco battle horses, such as the 5 paid annual days that employees can spend in volunteering activities. And the flexible benefits: 900 euros that Cisco workers can use in the activities to their most congenial.

In summary, in Cisco they are well convinced that having happy and satisfied employees is a great investment. And that’s right; the collaborators who work in positive and serene environments create productive environments, to the advantage (also) of the economic return.

At the same time, Cisco wants to meet people’s needs; to have a positive impact in society. To do so, it is important to return a portion of what is earned to the realities in which you operate.

An example of which Manghi is bound and proudly mentions is the technological support provided to the fight against Covid.

The IT infrastructure provided by Cisco for the Palazzo delle Scintille, the hub for vaccines in Milan Citylife, allows the institutions responsible to vaccinate up to 10000 people per day. Easy to understand how complex it is to manage such a large volume of people daily. Only the know-how and technological capacity of such an experienced society can guarantee the success of such an important task.

The Network Academy: Cisco’s response to training needs

Mangos also mentioned the role of training. The beyond Networking Academy form more than 50000 people each year, providing a substantial contribution to the reduction of the shortage skill so serious in Italy.

Cisco also leads training where it is more ethical to do so: in prisons.

Thanks to the programs developed, all educated prisoners manage to make a life outside prison institutions. Mango has provided a surprising statistic: None of the prisoners certified by Cisco have had criminal relapses to date. The national average is around 70%.

Environmental sustainability through digital transformation

For Cisco it is essential to become increasingly protagonists of a path of development and progress that generates ecologically sustainable economic and social growth.

The key \ green&blue   according to Cisco is to combine sustainability and digital transformation.

This, says Manghi, is the only way of development really effective in the medium to long term. Moreover, the manager points out, the organizations that invested with this double vision in mind have recorded numbers significantly higher than competitors. For this reason, too, by 2025, all Cisco production will be based on the circular economy.

L’edge computing, new frontier of data processing and cybersecurity

For Cisco, the edge computing is central to technology and strategic. The reasons are obvious: the importance of this technology is constantly increasing. The speed with which data is processed and used where it is generated increases performance and productivity in each sector. Managing the border is a task that Cisco does not escape.

One example is the routers equipped with Trust Anchor Technologies, which are a real barrier to cyber attacks. In fact, it is precisely on the edge that the battle of cybersecurity is moving.

On this Cisco is very clear: a Zero Trust approach is fundamental, but just as important is to face a decisive cultural change and increase awareness. An effort is also required from the IIoT device manufacturers: security by design is no longer re-deferable.

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