Cybersecurity has never been more important, with millions of people forced to connect from home; Cisco knows that, who presented Ciso Benchmark Study 2020.

In a session WebEx Stefano Vaninetti, Security Leader Cisco Italia recalled the importance of removing all kinds of silos inherent in computer security, and on this the company has been investing for years in terms of resources and development.

According to Cisco, the budget for IT security expenditure is constantly increasing, with artificial intelligence and machine learning as the most required and exploited technologies.

Cisco continues its strategy of m&a and market development: in this key, for example, the acquisition of Sentryo, specialized in solutions that increase the visibility of industrial environments. This operation undoubtedly demonstrates Cisco’s choice to push in the field of industrial safety and IIoT: a market with great potential, still everything to be built but that is already ready to produce numbers of all respect.

Entering the merit of the report, Vaninetti has specified that the panel is composed of beyond 3000 Ciso of 13 different nations, among which Italy.

The metrics that today affect companies to verify their safety performance are clear: first of all the time to detect. Too often it is found that an intruder has had access to the company network not for hours, but for weeks.

It is therefore essential to reduce this time as much as possible.

As a result, the second parameter is the time needed to remedy: cyber risk is increasingly directly linked to the risk of core business, and downtime of information systems (or part of them) directly affects profitability and business continuity.

Moreover, more and more companies make voluntary statements in case of attack immediately: this is what 61% of the sample interviewed says.

In Italy there is more willingness on the part of organizations to prepare the cyber defence thanks to their efforts, while almost 50% of the rest of the sample prefers to externalize cybersecurity. According to Cisco, this data is due to a better awareness of the risks that are constantly rising in our country.

Those who choose to lean on others, in Italy do so because of the excessive complexity and heterogeneity of the solutions to be protected and the tools used to address the issue.

8 out of 10 realities have actually stated that working in multi-vendor environments with regard to cybersecurity is a concrete obstacle to cybersecurity management.

This is why we have been seeing a consolidation phenomenon for years: both from players in the sector who join or are acquired, and from customers. Indeed, the latter are converging on unique solutions and suppliers, to increase visibility and simplify management.

Almost 80% of the sample said they were working on process automation projects (just think how critical it is to quickly implement security patches)

Safety professionals struggle to ensure security for the growing mobile workforce and personal devices • 52% of respondents (32% in Italy) say mobile devices are very or extremely complex to protect. The adoption of zero-trust technologies can help protect managed and non-managed devices without slowing down employees. A disruptive factor, given the sudden and almost obligatory spread of agile work and smart working.

The main downtimes are related to malware, malevolent spam and phishing. You need to inform users, with continuous training of staff: emails are always the main vehicle of infection.

In order to facilitate safety for those who are forced to go home, whether they are students or smart working workers, Cisco has extended Umbrella solution (initially aimed only at companies) also to all private customers, with Umbrella E technology

We remember that in Italy the main partner for this service is Tim, whose offer was launched in May 2018 under the name of Tim Safe Web and also available for mobile users such as Tim Safe Web Plus.

Fabio Panada, Senior Security Consultant Cisco Italia has presented the new SecureX cloud platform, which is designed to simplify automated security management activities. The platform aims to solve the problems expressed by Ciso in the report, in particular by offering a single panel from which to manage all security solutions implemented by an organization, also by third parties Panada has emphasized how SecureX is able to manage not only solutions

A complete and unique vision of all security solutions is important, continues the Italian manager. On a single page you can get the basic data, obviously getting into the detail of each parameter.

SecureX adapts without problems to smart working thanks to multi-factor authentication, allowing IT managers to act even remotely, controlling the problems insurgent and reacting accordingly. The platform also integrates a marketplace to draw on, to integrate its infrastructure. Panada recalled that the new platform is based on Talos technology, a well-known and solid starting point on which to base.

Smart working has undoubtedly increased the number and danger of threats spread on the net, and Panada remembers how Cisco Umbrella is of great support precisely because it improves computer security without requiring software installation or specific training. Of course, among the tips for improving cybersecurity are Vpn and two-factor authentication systems to make the connection between the home client and the corporate network more resilient.

In two weeks Cisco has found an increase of the web traffic that was expected for the next two years. Cybersecurity in this context is hyper-critical. For this reason, the manager closed, the first line of defense is represented by Cisco Umbrella

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