Cisco and the Ministry of Education have signed a three-year agreement on innovation and enhancement of digital skills in schools.

The agreement represents a new step in a more than ten-year collaboration path, aimed at offering students the opportunity to acquire the knowledge needed to be citizens of a digital society

In particular, according to the terms of the agreement signed, Cisco is committed, directly or through its network of partners for the training Cisco Networking Academy present throughout Italy, to promote training and orientation courses aimed at developing the professional and cross-cutting skills of area I

to strengthen pilot actions of Integrated Digital Teaching and training towards teaching staff and students of schools of all levels, including with the involvement of the figures who in various ways are connected to the digitisation in the school (References PNSD, An

to experiment with innovative training courses on the subject of Artificial Intelligence in the schools of the first and second cycles of education;

to carry out training initiatives dedicated to digital entrepreneurship, to overcome the gender gap in access to digital professions, to include students through the use of enabling technologies;

to carry out activities for the dissemination of the most innovative digital technologies among teachers and students with seminars and online courses on relevant and emerging ICT issues.

The development of the actions provided for in the Protocol will be coordinated by a Technical and Scientific Committee, composed of representatives of both parties. The activities set out in the Protocol shall be provided free of charge to schools and students.

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