Cia – Italian Farmers has started project of assistance and management advice towards the most structured Italian agricultural companies. Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italy has joined the Federation with the Genya ecosystem

Cia Agricoltori Italiani is one of the largest agricultural sector organizations in Italy and Europe that works for the improvement and enhancement of the primary sector. Its organization, ramified and capillary, covers the whole national territory.

•The companies operating in agriculture, according to the data of the tax registry are about one million and 250 thousand, about 300 thousand the agricultural enterprises associated with Cia – Italian Farmers – explains the General Director of Cia – Italian Farmers, Claudia Mostly we talk about micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that form the fabric of Italian agricultural excellence; just think that more than half of the companies present in our territory, is exempted from the holding of VAT accounts and those obliged about 70% records a volume of non-businesses It is therefore a complex sector, heterogeneous in economic, productive and land dimensions, but this also represents the strength of agriculture, indeed, of the different agricultures of this country.

The Confederation provides services to the person and to the enterprises through the patronage INAC, its own CAF, and through the structures CIA territorial are helped the associated agricultural enterprises in the access to the Community aids, in the fiscal management, accounting, administrative and juslavoristic.

□ Meeting with Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Italy was a meeting of common visions and projects. With the Genya project, Wolters Kluwer Italia has created an innovative, accessible, flexible and effective digital ecosystem. Ideal for our agricultural and rural community. We have reviewed our design and innovation and we have discovered how close to our needs the Genya project could have been to deepen Claudia Merlino.

Genya allows a qualified response to those companies that need appropriate assistance and advice for characteristics, size and complexity, beyond the assistance to fulfillment.

The choice to implement Genya in the Information System of Cia – Italian Farmers was a conscious choice that goes in the direction towards which it intends to progress the project of the Confederation: to offer to the agricultural companies modern and adequate digital tools.

• The scenario has changed and the needs of an increasing number of companies in the Italian agricultural system go beyond mere compliance. So we must offer our companies a consultative economic, patrimonial, financial vision, because their development is also based on policies and strategies of this kind to ensure a future of progress. To assist this target of companies and to assure them the necessary advice we have turned to the market and we have found that Genya is perfectly adherent to our needs. The Genya ecosystem in the cloud allows us to spread harmoniously and to provide absolute accessibility to digital tools allows us to provide increasingly requested consulting services from our associated base.

With the adoption of the Genya ecosystem, the Confederation manages to maintain and enhance the services provided so far and to offer in a uniform way throughout the national territory an innovative service and that looks to the future of the enterprises and the agricultural sector.

• The adoption of the Genya digital solution will spread throughout the country according to the needs of agricultural enterprises and will obviously be more realized in those territories where there is a widespread presence of structured and complex companies that will require this type of support consultation. We have trained people throughout the territory to operate effectively through the Genya platform and we are preparing to develop a permanent training process, also in view of the expansion of the solution with new performance functions, which allows all our professional figures involved to take full advantage of the Although the applications stand out for simplicity and great usability, it is true that a trained and constantly updated operator can bring out even better the peculiarities of the instrument applied to the agricultural and rural reality of our territories.

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