Check Point Research presented the Security Report 2021, which indicates key attack vectors and techniques observed by researchers of how hackers have exploited the chaos of the pandemic by Covid-19 to hit organizations in all sectors.

The report also provides cybersecurity professionals and C-level executives with the information they need to protect their organizations from the latest fifth generation cyber attacks and threats.

According to the report, cloud adoption travels faster than security: 2020 saw the organization’s digital transformation pathways move faster than five years on predictions, as a response to the pandemic and to remote work. But public cloud security is still a major concern for 75% of businesses.

Furthermore, according to Check Point over 80% found that their security tools do not work at all or have only limited functions in the cloud, demonstrating that the issues will continue in 2021 even in the cloud.

Remote working is a target: hackers have intensified the \” thread hijacking” attacks on workers remotely to steal data or infiltrate networks using the Trojans Emotet and Qbot, which hit the Attacks against remote access systems such as RDP and VPN have also increased sharply.

Ransomware double extortion attacks increase: in the third quarter of 2020, almost half of all ransomware incidents resulted in the threat of releasing stolen data to organizations. On average, a new organization becomes a ransomware victim every 10 seconds around the world.

The attacks on the health sector are the other side of the epidemic: in the fourth quarter of 2020, CPR reported that, in particular ransomware attacks, hospitals have increased by 45% worldwide, because criminals believe there is a greater chance of receiving

Smartphones are an easy target: 46% of organizations had at least one employee in 2020 who downloaded a harmful mobile app, proving to be a threat to their networks and data. The growth of mobile during lockdowns has also pushed the growth of banking trojans and info-stealers.

Check Point’s 2021 Security Report is based on Check Point’s ThreatCloud intelligence data, the largest collaborative network to combat cybercrime, which provides data: on threats and attack trends from a global network of cybercrime sensors,

The report examines the latest emerging threats in all industrial sectors and provides a comprehensive overview of trends in the cyber threat landscape, emerging data breach vectors and cyber attacks on national states. It also includes the analysis of experts from the thought leaders at Check Point, to help organizations understand and prepare for the complex threat landscape of today and tomorrow.

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