Last May Google announced that the page experience indicator would be included in the ranking of Google Search. It is a set of parameters, rather than a single indication, that measure the way users perceive the interaction experience with a web page.

Google has now confirmed that in May 2021 the roll out of page experience parameters will begin in Google Search rankings.

Google has explained that the new parameters that compose the page experience combine the so-called Core Web Vitals with the existing search parameters, including optimization for mobile devices, safe navigation, HTTPS security and guidelines

The change that makes the content not PMI suitable for appearing in the Top Stories for mobile devices feature in the Research will also be implemented in May 2021. Any page that meets the Google News content standards will be eligible and priority will be given to pages with an excellent page experience, whether implemented using AMP or any other web technology, as the results are classified.

Google also announced that it is planning to test a visual indicator that highlights in the search results pages that have an excellent page experience.

To make webmasters prepare for these changes Google has released a number of tools that publishers can use to start improving the page experience. The first step, Google points out, is to run a page verification throughout the site to see where there is room for improvement. The Search Console report for the Core Web Vitals provides an overview of how the site is going and an in-depth analysis of the problems.

Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse tools can then help in iterations related to solving problems that have been discovered. On Google provides a roundup of all the tools needed to get started.

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