The ESC 2021 (scheduled for 6-9 January) will be a fully digital experience. This was announced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), anticipating that The new format will be designed to allow participants to listen to technological innovators, see the latest technologies and product launches. And also to confront global brands and startups around the world.

• Because of the global pandemic and growing health concerns about the spread of COVID-19, tens of thousands of individuals in Las Vegas cannot be summoned safely at the beginning of January 2021 to meet personally Technology helps everyone to work, learn and connect during the pandemic and innovation will also help us reimagine the CES 2021 and bring the technology community together significantly. Moving to a fully digital platform for 2021, we can offer a unique experience that helps our exhibitors connect with the existing and new audiences.

The CES 2021 will be a new and engaging experience, ensure the organizers, where participants will have a place in the front row to discover and see the latest technologies. This highly personalized experience will bring a global event in the comfort and security of your home or office.

The CTA concludes the note by making an online appointment with the CES 2021 for the first week of next January. He also said he was planning to return to Las Vegas for CES 2022, combining the best elements of a physical and digital show.

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