The professional social media par excellence is converted to Stories: LinkedIn also launches in Italy, the way to view and share your moments with the community.

From now on, LinkedIn users in Italy (14 million) can share stories with photos and videos of up to 20 seconds using the mobile app, and these will be visible on their profiles for 24 hours.

Stories can be customized with text and theme stickers and you can start a conversation through the

The introduction of the Stories reflects the way people use LinkedIn, it is stated in a note, with an increase of 55% on an annual basis of conversations between users, and an increase of 60% on the creation of content on the platform.

The experience of working from home in a shared environment has given rise to social ties in different forms from those of office life.

Therefore LinkedIn stories want to offer another way to share information about your daily working life and stay in touch with your professional community.

As the LinkedIn News Editor, Michele Pierri, says, stories are a natural continuation of more personal connectivity born during lockdown.

LinkedIn also provides some tips to make the best use of the Stories:

Be relevant. With LinkedIn Stories you can quickly share information and respond to the latest major events or current events. You can share what is important to yourself and your sector by ensuring that the content you create is relevant to your community.

Show your professional appearance with human touch. Stories are an authentic way to share what is happening at work and in the world: you can share the ads of events in real time and news updates as they come out, as well as photos of your own workstation at home, or new network ideas

Be creative with your network of contacts. Stories can provide a more creative and informal way to share your daily life.

Grow your own community. LinkedIn stories are the perfect way to start conversations with your professional community, while improving the quality of the most important connections.

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