WhatsApp has announced that voice calls and video calls are now also available on the desktop version of the application in one-to-one mode and that in the future this feature will also be extended to group ones.

If the WhatsApp Desktop app is installed on your computer, you can now make free voice calls and video calls with your contacts via the popular Facebook-owned instant messaging service.

This feature requires either Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and later or macOS 10.13 and later. Of course, on your computer you will need an audio output device and a microphone, as well as a video call camera, as well as an active Internet connection.

In addition, WhatsApp has informed that the call does not use the phone but this must be online to make it.

WhatsApp has pointed out that in the last year it has witnessed a strong increase in calls on the platform, often even for long conversations. Last December 31st, the record of the largest number of calls made in a day with 1.4 billion voice calls and video calls was recorded.

In a period of physical distance and remote work, the company wanted to enhance the possibilities of video communication by extending them (function that users have been waiting for for some time) also to the desktop, on PC and Mac.

Thanks to this feature, which is new to the desktop app, you can hear and see family members in videos in a clearer way on a larger screen, and also interact more easily with your colleagues. WhatsApp, in fact, although it is a menu originally designed for personal use, is frequently used for work.

Among other things, Facebook is increasingly developing the business scope of the messaging and communication platform.

Desktop calls have been designed so that they work both with vertical and horizontal orientation. The call screen will appear in a separate, resizeable window, which will always remain prominent on the computer screen, so you don’t have to look it up between the browser tabs or other open windows.

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