Calendly is a powerful but simple automatic planning tool that helps you organize meetings more efficiently without having to exchange repeated emails with messages that go back and forth to infinity.

To assist users in their daily programmings Calendly offers a user experience fluid and friction-free and also provides integrations with the most widespread and important solutions used in the work: the calendars of Google, Office 365 and Outlook so

With a simple configuration, you can set your availability preferences in Calendly so that the rest of the planning work can be automated.

The solution offers flexible control options to set time margins between meetings, prevent last minute meetings, create types of reserved events and more.

Calendly includes smart time zone detection capabilities to manage invitations and supports various types of meetings: individual, team, group and so on. The schedule experience is enriched by emails and confirmation messages and reminders to improve both the communication and the rates of non-attendance of the guests.

The platform offers tools to strengthen the team with a lean and productive workflow.

Team pages provide a unified view of the various types of events, allowing guests to program per person, topic or relevant event.

The metric and reporting visualization functions then allow you to get insights into the engagement of the guests and to track the schedule activity.

In addition to integrations with various apps and platforms, with Calendly you can allow your customers to plan meetings directly from your company’s website; you can also create customized integrations with Calendly’s API.

Calendly offers various subscription plans, including one Basic free and two Pay-A-Books, Premium and Pro.

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