Eset researchers discovered LoudMiner, a multiplatform cryptocurrency miner that uses virtualization software, such as QEMU on macOS and VirtualBox on Windows, to extract cryptocurrency on de

The…musical miner is spread through illegal copies of VST (Virtual Studio Technology) music plugin software and uses the Secure File Copy with a built-in username and a private SSH key for automatic upgrade.

LoudMiner uses compromised devices with high CPU consumption to extract cryptocurrencies.

Portable computers or desktops running music creation software tend to have enhanced processors that help users process all kinds of sounds, sequences and other inputs they may need to compose music.

As Eset explains, if this represents an opportunity for cyber criminals, users do not easily notice the fraudulent activity hidden in the devices they are using.

Among other things, the use in this case of virtual machines instead of another leaner solution is quite remarkable and unusual.

Eset, therefore, recommends never download pirated copies of commercial software and be wary of popups from unexpected additional manufacturers.

Another alarm bell to be always paid attention is the increased consumption of CPU on your device and new services and connections connected to names of curious domains.

Eset provides more information about miner on this page.

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